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Try some of our favorite ingredients, and you will make them your favorite ingredients, too. Kitchen Conservatory stocks ingredients that our entire crew loves for their own kitchens! Perishable items available ONLY in-store. You may order online and when checking out, choose delivery option: Pickup in store. Curbside service is available by calling our store from your car when you arrive! These perishable items are in our freezer section.

Carmelo Flour Tortillas available in Duck Fat or Bacon Fat.

We love these tortillas so much that crew members have driven to Lawrence, Kansas to get them for our team! It only made sense to carry them in our store! Sonoran-style flour tortillas are made with four simple, non-GMO ingredients and contain no preservatives. 12 per package. 9.2 ounces. Handmade in Lawrence, Kansas.

Cakery Classic Buttercream Frosting available in Vanilla or Chocolate.

Cakery Classic Buttercream is a delightfully sweet frosting with a velvety smooth texture. The recipe has been refined through two decades in the creative kitchens of Ericka Frank, founder of The Cakery and The Cup bakeries. All natural made-from-scratch frosting is the perfect topping to enhance all your pastry creations. Add your favorite gel paste food coloring to the vanilla for an endless possibility of colors! 16 ounce container. Made in St. Louis, MO.

Register to take a cake decorating class with Ericka Frank at Kitchen Conservatory! This is one of our most popular classes! https://www.kitchenconservatory.com/Cooking-Classes.aspx?chef=Ericka%20Frank

Applewood Country Bacon by Burger’s Smokehouse.

Applewood Smoked Bacon is dry rubbed with a recipe of salt, cane sugar and spice. The slow curing allows the mixture to absorb into the slab. Next, the country bacon goes to a smokehouse where it is naturally smoked with applewood. The smoke produces a golden brown finish. The result is a mellow flavor, with a nice balance of spice, applewood smoke, and sweetness that is slightly milder than our Original or Pepper Coated Country Bacon. This Regular Cut bacon is sliced 1/8 inch thick. 2.5 pounds. Made in California, MO.

Check out our complete listing of ingredients available at Kitchen Conservatory: https://www.kitchenconservatory.com/Ingredients-C36.aspx

We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen!