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Archive for May, 2012

Don’t miss out; sale ends May 28! All-Clad French skillets are available at a special low price. These skillets have an aluminum core with stainless cladding on the inside and outside. All-Clad is the best cookware available and it is made in the USA. The long handles stay cool and the stainless is very easy […]

When you remember a recipe that you last ate over a year-and-a-half ago, it’s a really delicious dish. Lynne called and asked for a copy of the Ginger Spice Cookies from a Caribbean cooking class she took last year. Have you lost any favorite recipes from one of our cooking classes? Email us and we […]

Sometimes we make food just to turn the leftovers into something even better: leftover bread for bread pudding, leftover roast chicken for chicken salad, leftover beef stew for ravioli filling, and leftover shellfish for souffle. The way to make perfect fried rice is to use leftover cooked and cold rice. If the rice is freshly […]

The back of a recently-purchased package of pine nuts has this warning: “In rare instances, people may experience a sensitivity reaction from pine nuts, termed “pine mouth,” which is characterized by a metallic taste that resolves without treatment.” “Pine Mouth” can last for more than a week and can make all kinds of food taste […]

Pepper vodka-cured grilled sea bass with cumin-lime-cilantro gremolata, which Brad Hartman is teaching on June 15. Lobster-parmesan fondue nachos with jalapeno-spiked sour cream sauce, which chef Jon Lowe of Oceano is teaching on June 28. Crispy Indian rice-lentil crepes with homemade chutney, which Aruna Menon is teaching on June 20. Wild fresh chanterelle mushroom with […]

If you like to cook from scratch, eventually you stop buying packaged condiments. The homemade versions of ketchup, mayonnaise, yogurt, jelly, pickles, and caramel sauce taste so much better than anything you can buy. Still, there are some purchased bottles left in my cupboard. Then, my husband started making his own charcoal from cherry wood […]

Travel around the world this summer with our globe-trotting cooking classes! Fabulous cooks who are natives of many delicious countries will be teaching their culinary art at Kitchen Conservatory, including France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Quebec, Thailand, Turkey, and we even have transplants from exotic Portland, Oregon and New Orleans, Louisiana. A sampling […]