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Archive for October, 2010

Joyce writes, “I took an apple pie making class on October 7 with my daughter, Cindy. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I made the apple pie for the first time yesterday. I was very please that it turned out so well. Was very similar to Anne’s! Thanks so much for teaching […]

Whether you call them scones or biscuits, warm and buttery pieces of bread are irresistible. Stud the scones with chocolate and cherries and a simple dough is a beautiful gift. Stop by Kitchen Conservatory to taste a sample of these yummy rolls. This scone recipe is courtesy of store manager and pastry maven Hilda Willman. […]

When liquids are reduced — and the excess water boiled away — the flavor of the liquid is concentrated and wonderful. All kinds of liquids can be reduced and used as a very flavorful addition to food: chicken or beef stock, balsamic vinegar, port wine or other wines, or heavy cream. A wonderful liquid to […]

Garlic is a bulb, which is planted in the fall, to be harvested next year on July 1. Garlic is a wonderful addition to your garden, because it is a low-maintenance plant that delivers delicious results. To plant garlic, separate the heads into individual cloves. There is no need to peel the cloves. Plant each […]

Chef Mickey Kitterman teaches delightful cooking classes with delicious food. On November 10, he is reprising his famous fried chicken class (the St. Louis Post-Dispatch declared his fried chicken as the best!) and he is teaching a wonderful holiday meal on December 14: pan-roasted maple sugar-bourbon glazed quail with roasted grape vinaigrette and maple sugar-frosted […]