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Archive for March, 2008

A liaison (as a cooking term) describes a thickening agent, such as a butter-flour roux, which is used to thicken sauces and soup. A really wonderful liaison is custard — egg yolks and cream — which thickens and transforms a sauce into a delicious concoction with a delicate and voluptuous mouthfeel. Custard sauces are tricky […]

Many traditional Italian cooks react in horror when they see anyone grate cheese on top of a pasta dish that contains fish or shellfish. It’s as though you just added a dollop of chocolate mousse on top of liver-and-onions. But what’s so wrong with fish and cheese; after all, the French do it all the […]

Frequently in cooking class, a student will ask “aren’t we sealing in the juices by searing the meat?” or “won’t the milk sour if it comes to a boil?” It’s time to debunk some common kitchen myths. Searing the steak seals in the juices. Searing the steak browns the meat and caramelizes the exterior, thus […]

olive oil

I would like to cook creme brulee and I have been told that it’s best to use a bain marie? What is the best method to use when cooking it? Rob from London Creme brulee is a custard, which means the combination of eggs and cream heated to 180 degrees. A perfect custard is voluptuous […]

hot cross buns

green beans

Dutch caramel cookies

Yes, there is a day just for eating and celebrating the joys of pie making: March 14. I encourage everyone to make a pie on pi day; or come to our pie class. I am celebrating Pi Day with an old-fashioned bright green pie that makes me think of spring. Grasshopper Pie has a chocolate […]

The Zen of Fish