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Archive for May, 2008

Artichokes are now available in the markets at $1 apiece, so it is time to indulge in a totally delicious vegetable. As much as I love artichokes, what does one drink with them? Like the African fruit synsepalum dulcificum (though not as strong a reaction), artichokes leaves a lingering buzz in the mouth that makes […]

Well, yes, because I accidentally did the experiment today. I made chocolate sauce and didn’t have quite enough of my favorite Valrhona chocolate. So I added a bar of supermarket-quality chocolate that I found in the cupboard. The result? The inferior chocolate never melted! Since real chocolate melts at body temperature, I shudder to think […]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch article

ketchup recipe

More rain and now we have had twice the amount of rain as in a typical year. What does all this rain mean? Nothing has been planted this spring in our field of mud. The spring flowers look lush and marvelous, but the steady rain washes out the nectar in the flowers. The flowers need […]

The Three-in-One Wood Trivet is a beautiful present that is perfect for Mother’s Day. Made exclusively for Kitchen Conservatory, this hand-crafted triangular-shaped trivet set has three separate trivets that nest together. Made of locally grown wood and custom-made by a local artisan, the simple and creative design will compliment any decor. Please stop by Kitchen […]

Local sausage maker Mark Sanfilippo is profiled today in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A veteran of working in Mario Batali’s kitchen, this native St. Louisan has returned home to start a salumi in the Tower Grove neighborhood. Everything Sanfilippo makes is from scratch using the highest-quality ingredients. At Kitchen Conservatory, Sanfilippo will teach about the […]

The Summer 2008 class schedule features two hundred brand-new cooking classes. View the list and sign up. Summer means endless grilling, so Terry Black of Super Smokers and Kirk Warner of Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen will each lead a Day in the Kitchen on Grilling. These special classes are limited to six lucky people. Terry does […]