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Archive for February, 2008

chicken piccata

April 17, 2008 cooking class

smoked pork tenderloin, pear marmalade, spaetzle, angel food cake

By this time in February, the larder is empty from the last harvest. We’ve eaten all of our home-grown white potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green peas (which we shelled and froze). We still have some garlic left, but the cloves are soft and sprouting. What should we eat on these dreary days? Spaghetti Carbonara, of […]

What is more controversial than religion and politics? Food. Is it possible to share love and a relationship with someone who eats different food from what you eat? In other words, can a vegan find happiness with a carnivore? Are interdietary relationships possible? After all, couples are divided on religion only once a week and […]

Baby, it’s cold outside; time to use the dutch oven. What is a dutch oven and what’s the point of using it? A dutch oven can be used on top of the stove (direct heat), in the oven (indirect heat), and is pretty enough to serve at the table. Enameled cast iron is the most […]

fresh homemade pasta


The Spring 2008 Cooking Class Schedule is now posted! Browse the 200 new classes and sign up for the menus and chefs you cannot miss. The director of marketing, Ruth Sparrow, has pun-tificated many humorous titles for the cooking classes. My favorite is “Loose Morels.” Do you have some clever ideas for fun class titles? […]