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Archive for April, 2007

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Delicious food

The spring freeze and prolonged cold weather interrupted our spring planting. Our cherry blossoms all froze. The ground was too wet to plant, but after several days of warm, dry weather, we are finally back in the dirt. Yesterday, we planted four varieties of potatoes. To me, a home-grown, freshly-dug potato (like home-grown tomatoes) tastes […]

What is sweet butter? Cultured butter? What makes butter better?

A brand-new tool is now available at Kitchen Conservatory that is perfect for mincing ginger. This ingeniously-designed, triangle-shaped grater easily grates fresh ginger root (no need to peel the ginger). Then, push the lever — the grating tines disappear — and the ginger is ready to be used. This grater is even better than the […]

Tonight, the Riverfront Times hosted an “Iron Fork” competition among four great St. Louis chefs. The secret ingredient was Grand Marnier orange liqueur, a surprising choice and a difficult ingredient to use in savory dishes because it is so sweet. Flames were shooting up as the chefs liberally added Grand Marnier to their saute pans […]

Chef Mike Johnson has a number of successful restaurants (Roxane, BARcelona, Cyrano, Boogaloo, and more), because he has a magic touch in the kitchen and cooks extraordinary food. Johnson has taught many, many cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory and has graciously shared the secrets of his memorable dishes: lemon mashed potatoes, crispy chicken quarters, coconut […]

Ever since some pet foods were found to be contaminated, interest has grown in homemade pet food. Dogs enjoy homemade food as much as humans. Kitchen Conservatory has designed a special heavy-duty, stainless steel dog bone cutter that can handle dense biscuit dough. Use our custom-made cutter to make these special dog bone-shaped treats for […]

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