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Archive for June, 2009

A big thank you to all of the readers of Sauce Magazine who have named Kitchen Conservatory as their favorite place to take a cooking class for the fourth year in a row! The best chefs from the best restaurants teach at Kitchen Conservatory. Don’t miss our selection of 6000 essential tools for the kitchen. Chefs […]

Rye flour gives bread a wonderful taste and texture. Rye bread makes the most delicious toasted cheddar cheese sandwiches. Join expert bread baker Margi Kahn on July 7 in the evening or July 8 in the morning as she shows how to bake with rye flour. As you can see in the picture, everyone has […]

We finished digging up the garlic today, despite the heavy heat. Here I am moving the bundles of garlic to a shed so that they can dry. (The chicken coop is in the background.) Yes, it is fun to drive a tractor! We are eating garlic every day, so all of the vampires have left the premises. Here […]

What a great year for garlic! The heads are large and healthy. Here’s a picture of some of the garlic harvest, which we’ve tied in bundles. “How long will the garlic last?” asked a customer yesterday. Garlic is a once-a-year crop, so I want to be able to store and eat the garlic until next year’s […]

Yesterday, my cousin exclaimed, “1200 garlic plants! What can you possibly do with all that garlic?” Today, I started to dig up the garlic and these really fresh heads of garlic are now available at Kitchen Conservatory. The crop looks beautiful. What to do with all that garlic? Pesto, roasted garlic bread, spaghetti with olive oil and garlic, shrimp […]

Two years ago, we planted 12 red currant bushes and 12 black currant bushes. Currants are not a well-known berry in the United States because they were banned from commercial cultivation for most of the 20th century. They are legal now and I was eager to have some because I had enjoyed the taste of […]

Kitchen Conservatory was named to the “A-List” by St. Louis magazine in their July 2009 issue. Thank you to the editors for choosing our cooking school as best!

In a participation cooking class recently, a student asked, “Is a tablespoon a large spoon or a small spoon?” The chef answered, “a large spoon.” The student then used a large serving spoon (about the size of 4 tablespoons) to measure the ingredients. Oops; we had to start over. At a cooking tutorial recently, the student […]

Last year we experimented with growing tomatoes in the Florida Weave. It was fabulous, so we left the stakes in place to do it again. The Florida Weave uses twine, woven around stakes, to support the tomato plants. As the plant grows, we thread the branches through the twine. Setting up the stakes takes some time, […]

A couple of brown bananas are sitting on the windowsill. “How about banana bread?” Banana bread takes an hour to bake. It’s after 8 pm. “How about banana muffins?” So I collect my supplies for banana muffins: muffin pan, butter, sugar, egg, flour, leavening, disher, but wait, we are out of muffin papers. “Couldn’t you […]