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Archive for July, 2007

In other days, I made pub crawls, now I crawl sushi bars. A proper pub crawl is alphabetical: start with a bar beginning with the letter A and progress as far as possible. Last Saturday night saw 5 sushi bars (with 5 nigiri sushi pieces each) in 5 hours, traversing St. Louis from east to […]

potato gaufrettes

August sale

a passion for cherries

chicken coop catastrophe


Every June, my aunt calls to alert me that the gooseberries on her 40-year-old bush are ripe. I rushed over to pick several pounds, because I cannot get them anywhere else and gooseberry pie is delicious. Gooseberries are a rare fruit, but worth seeking because of their tart lemony taste. They are rare because for […]

According to French tradition, each vegetable in ratatouille is cooked in separate pans in order to achieve the correct doneness. This technique is great for the cook, but awful for the pot-washer. If the vegetables are added in order of cooking time, the results are just the same. Eggplant is the one exception and must […]

melting carob