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Archive for October, 2011

Lots of recipes call for topping with breadcrumbs. For many us, breadcrumbs are an afterthought and we grab the nearest cardboard box. Bread from a box usually tastes just like cardboard. But breadcrumbs can add more than just crunch; they can add a lot of flavor. Good breadcrumbs come from good bread. Just like the […]

Yesterday, a customer called to ask how much flour she should add to canned apples to make apple pie filling. There is a better way. Here are some tips to make a scrumptious apple pie: 1. Choose a fresh apple that is good for baking. I like jonathons, jonagolds, or macintosh. 2. Do not overfill […]

Kitchen Conservatory is now selling heads of garlic for planting. Garlic is an easy plant for home gardeners to grow. Fresh garlic tastes so much better than what is available at the supermarket. (Garlic from the supermarket cannot be planted.) One clove of garlic will yield one head of garlic. Be sure to plant the […]