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Archive for April, 2009

My father always told me that the surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But I have found that not any food works; there are some controversial foods that do not bring the desired outcome. But this particular dish is sure to result in satisfaction – for all parties involved. Chicken-Leek Pot Pie (Cock-a-Leekie) […]

Our bees are angry and frustrated. The spring has been cool and wet, which has kept the bees inside their hives. What do you do when you are cooped up? Have sex. Yes, bees do do it. The bees have rapidly multiplied, which is good — except the crowd of bees produced multiple queens. The […]

A few spaces are still available in cooking classes this week, including some of our most requested classes. Don’t miss these especially scrumptious dishes: On Tuesday, April 21, Christie Saali is whipping up a light and airy crab souffle with a mustard-pepper sauce in “Souffles and Custards.” On Wednesday, April 22, join the vibrant and dynamic chef Jack MacMurray of […]

When a food tastes really delicious, don’t just serve a little bit. Go all the way! Don’t just cook a couple of morel mushrooms; cook enough to satisfy demand! The morel hunting season has begun and there are plenty available. Pictured here are three pounds of morels right before we cooked them. The best way […]

Need inspiration for an Easter dessert? Chocolate Strawberry Millefeuille. Buy Dufour all-butter puff pastry at Kitchen Conservatory and bake until crispy. Cut into squares. Sandwich the pastry with chocolate pastry cream and fresh strawberries and garnish with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Make the sauces ahead of time and assemble at dessert time. Millefeuille, which means […]

A customer called and asked, “Do you have alphabet cookie cutters?” “Yes, we have them in two sizes: one-inch and three-inch.” “How big is that?” Another customer called and asked, “How big is a 1 1/2 quart baking dish?” “Huh? What do you mean?” “How many inches wide is it?” “1 1/2 quarts can be […]

The sheer volume of cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory can be overwhelming; what to choose when all 600 sound delicious? Here’s a short answer: come to class on the night of Monday, April 20. We are offering two different classes and both will be delectable. “First and Last at Fond” showcases the newest star on our local culinary […]

The three ingredients that I always have in my refrigerator are butter, eggs, and heavy cream. Butter and eggs have a long shelf-life, but sometimes I run out of the more perishable heavy cream. What to do? My ace in the hole is a supply of canned coconut milk in the pantry. Coconut milk (which […]

The girls continue to lay; each hen lays an egg a day. We’ve been feeding them the weeds from the garden, which they love. They also snap up any bee that falls out of the bee-line to the hives. (Since chickens love to eat bugs and worms, they never eat a “vegetarian” diet.) In celebration […]