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It is always fun for our entire team to add hundreds of NEW cooking classes to our schedule! Our goal is to have something for all of our loyal customers!

Welcome and Welcome Back!

  • Kristin Tomlan, a St. Louis native, is the founder and CEO of DÅŒ, Cookie Dough Confections, the world’s first edible cookie dough confectionery in New York City’s Greenwich Village and Brooklyn. She has just released her first cookbook, Hello, Cookie Dough, and her class at the end of November sold out quickly. Purchase her cookbook online by November 21, choose pick up in store or we will ship it to you — after November 30, and we will have her sign it for you. Add a note in your order if you would like it personalized for yourself or as a gift!
  • Eric Hammond has recently made St. Louis his home and shares his culinary talents and his passion for Italian cooking!
    • December 23: Gnocchi Yourself Out
    • January 12: Date Night for Couples: Il Veneto
  • Welcome back Lynn DeLean-Weber, CEO and founder of Edelbrand Pure Distilling, with a lovely lingering class on brandy, charcuterie, and desserts.
    • December 22: A Leisurely Afternoon with Lynn
  • Welcome back the talented chef and pastry chef Tyler Davis with three demonstration classes!
    • December 30: At the Table with Tai – Elevated Soul Food
    • February 16: At the Table with Tai – Everybody Loves Ramen
    • March 16: At the Table with Tai – Tacos Today
  • Merryl Winstein, author of Successful Cheesmaking will be teaching a simple cheesemaking class.
    • January 11: Simple Cheesemaking
  • Welcome back Jeff Friesen, of Taco Buddha! 
    • January 20: Eat More Tacos
  • Megan Rois, bakery manager of The Cakery, will be teaching cake decorating classes and baking classes!
    • January 22: Pretty Cake Decorating
    • March 23: Take a Bite Out of Coffeehouse Treats
  • Dustin Endicott, a whiskey expert from The Wine Merchant is joining Marianne Moore for an exciting class.
    • January 23: Some Bourbons Go A-Rye!
  • Tarek Husseini made it to the final round of the 2019 Kids Baking Championship on Food Network!
    • January 25: Heir and a Parent: The Fabulous Baker Boy
  • Sabrina Gornish is teaching a macaron class with a new twist.
    • February 23: Fancy Macarons
  • Welcome back Neville McNaughton, a renowned cheese expert!
    • March 24: Handmade Cheeses

Grab a seat for one of our DEMONSTRATION classes!

  • Margi Kahn teaches a popular Tuesday morning class each month.
  • December 3: Vito Racanelli is teaching a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner: Veni Vidi, Vito.
  • December 5: Mickey Kitterman and our team will welcome former Senator Jean Carnahan as our guest as Mickey prepares some of her favorite recipes from Christmas at the Mansion, published in 1999.
  • Barry Marcus shares his talents with French classes.
    • December 21: Joyeuse Fête
    • February 15: A French Twist
  • Beth Sorrell, of Cocktails Are Go, is back again joining Marianne Moore for two more exciting Booze and Bites classes.
    • January 10: Booze and Bites – Winter Edition
    • February 27: Booze and Bites – Gin-Style
  • Kore Wilbert, of Copper Pig, has two exciting classes:
    • January 14: That’s Amalfi
    • March 16: Fritto Misto to Frutti di Mare
  • Our popular class, The Chef and Fishmonger, is available twice with two of our favorite chefs!
    • January 20 with Josh Galliano
    • February 26 with Ivy Magruder
  • The Chef’s Table with Lou Rook, III and Glenn Bardgett, of Annie Gunn’s, on January 11 is selling fast!
  • Jason Main, co-owner of The Wine Merchant, joins Mickey Kitterman again for a class with exciting wine pairings.
    • January 31: Fork and Cork: The South of France
  • There are lots of demonstration Girls’ Night Out classes, Novel Cuisine – our very own bookclub, and many taught by our Kitchen Conservatory team – Marianne Moore, Barb Nack, Dawn Meyer, Naam Pruitt, and Mickey Kitterman.

Valentine for Couples is a popular Kitchen Conservatory tradition with 11 classes for couples from February 6 through February 15.

Decorating classes bring out the artist in everyone!

  • Cake Pop classes with Rachel Sarino, of STL Cake Pops
    • December 2: Jolly Christmas Cake Pops
    • February 5: Valentine Cake Pops and More!
  • Cupcake decorating classes with Devon Drag
    • December 27: Cupcakes and Cocktails
    • February 3: The Art of Decorating Cupcakes
    • March 13: Cupcakes and Cocktails
  • Cake Decorating:
    • January 12: The Art of Naked Cake Decorating with Heather Reed
    • January 22: Pretty Cake Decorating with Megan Rois, of The Cakery
    • March 18: Let’s Be Frank about Pretty Cake Decorating with Ericka Frank, of The Cakery
    • March 22: Take the Cake with Kelly Wright
  • Cookie Decorating:
    • January 19: Winter Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
    • February 1: Valentine Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
    • February 2: Valentine Cookie Decorating with Heather Reed
    • March 8: Spring and St. Pat’s Cookie Decorating with Heather Reed

Here’s to Your Health!

  • New Year’s Resolutions
    • January 5: Date Night for Couples: We Can’t Weight with Jon Lowe
    • January 8: Weigh to Go! with Barb Nack
    • January 24: Girls’ Night Out: No Weigh! with Barb Nack
  • Vegan
    • November 25: Vegans Have an App for That with Marianne Moore
    • January 27: Mediterranean Meatless Monday with Caryn Dugan, of Center for Plant-based Living
    • February 1: Date Night for Couples: The Indian Vegan-izer with Stephanie Bosch
    • March 4: Vegan Cheese – The Grate Pretender with Marianne Moore
    • March 8: Date Night for Couples: The Italian Vegan-izer with Stephanie Bosch
  • Vegetarian
    • February 16: At the Table with Tai – Everybody Loves Ramen with Tyler Davis
    • February 28: Veg-oh!-matic with Marianne Moore
    • March 3: Vegetarian Bite Sighs Appetizers with Kirk Warner
  • Whole 30
    • November 21: Whole 30 Healthy Autumn Eating with Devon Drag
    • January 26: Whole 30 Healthy Eating with Devon Drag
  • Gluten-Free
    • January 23: Gluten-Free Baking Bonanza with Margi Kahn
    • January 28: Paleo and Gluten-Free Cooking with Margi Kahn
    • February 29: Date Night for Couples: To Our Health with Devon Drag
    • March 25: A Plan for Paleo with Margi Kahn
  • Yoga with a different brunch menu for every class
    • January 5: Sunday Funday: Yoga Brunch with Devon Drag
    • March 1: Sunday Funday: Yoga Brunch with Devon Drag

For the kids, we have plenty of classes and have added even more Heir and a Parent classes!

  • Take one of our Gingerbread House classes just for kids on December 1, December 8, December 14, or December 15
  • We have added a Gingerbread House for All class on December 7, for ages 7 to 100!
  • There are 10 exciting Heir and a Parent classes with everything from gorditas, cupcakes with Tarek Husseini, cookies, pizza, sushi, pasta, and more!

We cannot resist a good title!

  • December 2: And to All a Good Bite!
  • January 18: Girls’ Night Out: In Quesadilla You Need Sangria
  • January 21: I’ve Got Stew, Babe
  • January 23: Some Bourbons Go A-Rye!
  • January 25: Heir and a Parent: The Fabulous Baker Boy
  • February 4 or February 5: A Multitude of Cins
  • February 17: The UK is OK with Jammie Dodgers
  • February 29: Tortes Illustrated
  • March 11 or March 12: Let’s Biscuit and Get Sconed on Pie!

See you in the kitchen!