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We are so excited about all of our NEW Fall cooking classes with an addition of more than 200 classes to our website! Here are a few of the classes that we don’t want you to miss!

Give a big WELCOME to :

  • Jess Schmidt  is teaching 2 classes for children
    • September 8: Heir and a Parent – OMG – Ole! Mexican! Gorditas!
    • November 3: The Apprentice Chef: Hey, Kid-dough! It’s Pizza Time!
  • Beth Sorrell, of Cocktails Are Go, is teaching a cocktail pairing class with Marianne Moore
    • September 28: Booze and Bites for a Crowd
  • Kelly Wright is teaching a fondant cake decorating class
    • October 13: Fondant Cake Decorating
  • Pete Cohen, of Stringbean Coffee, is teaching a class with Marianne Moore
    • October 17: Double Trouble is Brewing!
  • Bill Foster. of Big O Ginger, is teaching a ginger cocktail pairing class with Marianne Moore
    • October 25: Marianne, Meet Ginger
  • A huge welcome back to Helen Fletcher, pastry chef of Tony’s
    • November 14: European Cookies with Helen Fletcher
  • A big bear-hug welcome back to Vito Racanelli
    • December 3: Veni, Vidi, Vito

DEMONSTRATION Classes that Have Us on the Edge of Our Seats!

  • August 8: Fasten Your Sweet Belts with Barb Nack
  • August 25: Sunday Night Rewind: The Salad Daze with Marianne Moore
  • September 21: French Finesse with Barry Marcus
  • October 3: A Taste of the Underground with Rogue Chefs
  • October 5: The Chef’s Table with Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett, of Annie Gunns’s
  • October 9: Elvis, Are You Hungry Tonight? with Barb Nack
  • October 11: Fork and Cork: Italy with Mickey Kitterman and Jason Main, of The Wine Merchant
  • October 14: Provençal Pro-fessor with Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley, of Eagle’s Nest
  • October 22: Whisk-ing You Were Here with Margi Kahn
  • November 7: Shut the Lid! Instant Pot 101 with Rachel Sarino
  • December 18: Santa “Sleighs” Surf and Turf with Jack MacMurray, of Boathouse
  • December 21: Joyeuse Fête with Barry Marcus

Here’s To Your HEALTH!

    • August 31: Vegan Cheese – The Grate Pretender with Stephanie Bosch
    • September 12: Vegans Go on Green with Caryn Dugan
    • September 21: Date Night for Couples: The Italian Vegan-izer with Stephanie Bosch
    • October 26, Tofu, How Do You Do? with Stephanie Bosch
    • November 2: The Everyday Vegan in Autumn with Susan Caciano
    • November 14: Vegans: I Yam What I Yam with Caryn Dugan
    • November 25: Vegans Have an App for That with Marianne Moore
  • WHOLE 30
    • November 21: Whole 30 Healthy Autumn Eating with Devon Drag
    • August 14: Gluten Begone! with Margi Kahn
    • August 29: Paleo is Anything but Corny! with Margi Kahn
    • October 1: Paleo is a No-Grainer! with Margi Kahn
    • November 9: Date Night for Couples: To Our Health! with Devon Drag


  • The Art of Naked Cake Decorating with Heather Reed
    • August 28 or October 1
  • Cupcakes and Cocktails with Devon Drag
    • September 6 or December 27
  • Cookie Decorating classes
    • September 8: Autumn Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
    • October 20: Halloween Cookie Decorating with Ericka Lanter
    • Christmas Cookie Decorating 
      • November 17, November 24, or December 15 with Heather Reed
      • December 1 or December 8 with Ericka Lanter
  • Let’s Be Frank about Pretty Cake Decorating with Ericka Frank, of The Cakery
    • September 18, October 23, or November 20
  • Fondant Cake Decorating with Kelly Wright
    • October 13


  • For Adults: December 1 or December 7
  • For Children, ages 7 to 11: December 1, December 7, December 8, December 14, or December 15

DATE NIGHT FOR COUPLES – We offer an incredible selection of date night classes every weekend! Dine and Dance classes are some of our most popular date nights!

  • Dine and Dance
    • August 24: Sizzle and Samba
    • October 26: Big Band Swing
    • November 1: Salsa Salsa
    • November 16: Last Tango in Paris
    • December 14: Sizzle and Samba

We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen!