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Breakfast Archive

Some pancakes are belly-busters; eat two and they drop like lead in your stomach. What a pleasure to discover light and fluffy pancakes that feel like eating air. The secret to these cakes is homemade ricotta cheese, whipped egg whites, and very little flour. The ricotta pancakes can be served sweet with maple syrup or […]

The worst part about New Year’s Day is the resolutions. People go on diets. They stop eating food that tastes good and try to eat food that tastes bad (so that they won’t eat too much of it). They say no when I offer tastes of delicious food. Every morsel of food that you put […]

The girls continue to lay; each hen lays an egg a day. We’ve been feeding them the weeds from the garden, which they love. They also snap up any bee that falls out of the bee-line to the hives. (Since chickens love to eat bugs and worms, they never eat a “vegetarian” diet.) In celebration […]

I love chicken-and-waffle restaurants. They combine the best part of breakfast and dinner: waffles with sweet syrup and salty fried chicken. Who needs bacon with your waffles if you can have crispy fried chicken? Chicken and waffles are a perfect Sunday food — breakfast or dinner or any time of the day. Waffle irons are […]

Longtime readers of this blog know that I have a jones for eggs. Whether the eggs are raw, semi-cooked, or fully-cooked, eggs add so much flavor and texture to food. We keep chickens and I enjoy eating freshly-laid eggs for breakfast. (We call our eggs, “Laid in Ladue.”) The optimal cooked temperature for eggs is […]

Twenty years ago, my husband planted two apple trees. They have never yielded any fruit until this year. I have made pie, crisp, and applesauce out of the few apples I was able to pick before the squirrels devoured the fruit. “I stopped bothering to spray the trees years ago, because there was no fruit,” he […]