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Archive for October, 2009

Last night, we took a Kitchen Conservatory staff field trip to eat desserts at Sidney Street Cafe. Why? Because one of our own, Christie Saali (who started working at Kitchen Conservatory in 2000) is now the pastry chef at Sidney Street. We had to eat each and every one of her delectable desserts. Pictured here […]

Anne, I just wanted to let you know that Mark and I had a really good time in the cooking classes. We have continued to try new things and it has made a lasting impact on us. Our daughter had H1N1 and Mark made a stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and cobbler to leave on her […]

Dear Chef,  I had the pleasure of taking your seafood and fish class last Saturday (October 17), and I wanted to thank Kitchen Conservatory for a great learning experience. I was amazed how much information was packed into one day of cooking. I learned skills and information that I will carry with me from now on, […]

“Put that knife down!” “Aren’t you ready to eat?” “Yes, but the meat needs to rest!” “It’s cooked, shouldn’t we eat it while it’s hot?” “The meat will stay hot for a long time, but if you cut it now, you will lose the juices all over the cutting board. The meat needs to rest and […]

Ah, at last a source for instant espresso powder! This secret ingredient is crucial to punch up the flavor of chocolate desserts. Ever since the Italians invented dark roast espresso, coffee lovers have preferred the rich taste. Now, Kitchen Conservatory sells the instant espresso powder, which quickly dissolves in hot water and is perfect for making tiramisu, brownies, […]

Over five days, 30 hours of cooking, we cooked 62 recipes! Wow, what a fun week we had for “Mastering the Art of Cooking.” This limited-size cooking class is an intense exploration of five cuisines: French, Italian, Latin, American, and Asian. One student commented on the last day, “I liked all the recipes and I’d […]

We’ve spent all week cooking: 25 hours of cooking class down, the last day — five hours — still to go on Friday. What a ride! For the classtakers, the highlights were the foods they thought they didn’t like (because they had eaten bad versions) — but now can’t wait to make at home: creamy polenta with […]