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Archive for April, 2010

Mom should never cook on Mother’s Day, so how about treating her to a delicious and fun cooking class? Kitchen Conservatory is offering three cooking classes next week just for moms and their loved ones. On Friday, May 7, sip on a blackberry champagne cocktail, as Barb Nack prepares spring greens-roasted cherries-hazelnut-brie salad, asparagus-rice soup […]

Nancy asks, “How do I peel pearl onions easily? The thin papery skins are almost impossible to remove without taking a layer of the onion with them. Is there a trick to doing this? Thank you!” Yes, there is an easier way. Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the onions for a […]

Unfortunately, no one in St. Louis sells real grits, only instant grits. Our town is not southern enough to market grits! To get true grits, one must drive down south and load up the trunk or order online. If you are used to instant grits, the coarse texture and flavor of long-cooking grits is a […]

What is the signature food of St. Louis? It used to be toasted ravioli, but when was the last time you actually ate a deep-fried ravioli – especially since they are all pre-fab and frozen now. Then, St. Louisans were swept with a cheesecake craze, then a bread pudding craze, all concurrent with the spinach-artichoke dip craze. […]

Some of our favorite, fabulous restaurant chefs have a few spaces available in their cooking classes next week! Don’t miss the opportunity to taste and experience these wonderful meals: On Monday, April 12, join chef Colby Erhart of Chez Leon in Clayton in making delicious classic French food, including bacon-leek quiche, wild mushroom soup en […]

Our garlic is growing! We also planted 500 seed potatoes last week, in the dirt on the right-hand side of the photo. We planted Yukon gold, red Pontiac, and cobbler potatoes. Potatoes are a 90-day crop, so we are planning to have fresh garlic-potato salad for the Fourth of July! The green plants on the left-hand […]