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Archive for March, 2014

Amateur bread-baker Margi Kahn has taught us so much about how to mix, knead, rise, form, and bake an incredible variety of breads over the twenty years that she has taught bread-baking classes at Kitchen Conservatory. Every staff-member has a different favorite “Margi bread,” but we all agree that her focaccia is exceptional. To experience […]

My favorite party dish is crispy chicken leg quarters. I turn on the heat when the doorbell rings, enjoy the cocktail hour, and magically, the chicken entree is perfectly cooked! Chef Mike Johnson taught this technique in a cooking class fifteen years ago and the whole staff has been cooking chicken this way ever since. […]

Kitchen Conservatory is a cooking school with a kitchen store, because some tools have to be seen in action before buying. Every time we demonstrate the Cameron Stovetop Smoker and people taste how delicious the lightly smoked food is, we sell smokers. Plus, the smoker is easy to use (especially when the outside grill is […]

Inspiration can strike different people at the same time — like Newton and Leibniz discovering calculus at the same time. Two of our longtime cooking instructors, Christie Maggi and Kirk Warner, started making potato-wrapped shrimp, and neither remembers who did it first! This shrimp is one of our favorite party appetizers. Get the recipe here […]