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Archive for November, 2010

A clever tool for every cook and baker is the Danish dough whisk, which looks like a miniature rug beater and is actually made in Poland, not Denmark. This handy tool is more than a wooden spoon in combining foods, but less than a whisk (which can get clogged in thicker batters). Anyone who has […]

The short answer is no. Most foods taste best when freshly made and served. But when preparing for a big meal, we get lots of questions: Can I freeze mashed potatoes? Can I freeze apple pie? I don’t have time to make everything on Wednesday and Thursday! Many foods change their texture after defrosting. The […]

The favorite recipe from yesterday’s cooking class was the balsamic sauce on seared salmon. The sweet and sour qualities of balsamic vinegar are a wonderful compliment to many foods. Plus, the capers add saltiness and the raisins add sweetness. I also use this sauce on roasted vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, onions, or any […]

At Kitchen Conservatory, we love Thanksgiving. We love to give thanks for the bounty of wonderful and delicious foods available for our table. Yes, we can help you with all the Thanksgiving equipment needed for the big meal. The best turkey roaster is on a special sale — $159.95 (regular value is $330). Made by […]

I am often asked, “Do you really cook every day?” Yes, because cooking and baking offer so much pleasure! Yes, we do bake every day in the kitchens of Kitchen Conservatory. Stop by and taste some of our delicious samples of wonderfully-aromatic baked goodies. This week features a tropical version of the classic banana bread, […]

The perfect present to give and to receive is a delicious cooking class! Kitchen Conservatory has just posted our Winter schedule with 200 new cooking classes and a wide variety of menus. Our week of Valentine Date Night for couples are so much fun. Choose among menus featuring beef Wellington, beef short ribs, steak au […]

Not all quick breads are sweet. Quick breads can also be savory appetizers, such as cornbread, or aromatic side dishes, such as bread pudding. This sausage-nut bread is delicious with a bowl of soup for a hearty lunch. Mexican chorizo is a spicy, raw sausage that needs to be cooked before using (Spanish chorizo, which is used […]