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Kitchen Tools Archive

There is no need for  a special occasion to create a Gift Registry (aka WISH LIST) at Kitchen Conservatory! It’s pretty simple. Log in to your account on our website, and add any item to your list! Tell your friends and family that you have a wish list at Kitchen Conservatory, and any items ordered through […]

St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles has an interview with Anne Cori, president of Kitchen Conservatory, in their January issue on which cookware to use on which stove. SLHL: If I am looking for new pots and pans, what are my options? (nonstick, cast iron, copper, etc.) Anne: Since some electric cooktops require certain kinds of […]

The right kitchen tool can make all the difference in the pleasure of cooking. Learn how to use these incredibly useful tools in these upcoming cooking classes: Stovetop Smoker on January 14 in “What the Cluck” Fondue Pot on January 18 in “The Tastemakers” Sushi Mat on January 20 in “Wake Up, Little Sushi” Pressure […]

With all of our advanced technologies, do we really need an old-fashioned kitchen tool like a mortar-and-pestle? Yes. Electric spice grinders, food processors, and blenders all serve useful purposes, but the humble and low-tech mortar-and-pestle offers extra benefits to the cook.   Traditionally, the mortar-and-pestle is used in Italian food for making pesto, Thai food […]

Every summer, I vacation at a cottage with a rudimentary kitchen. Since cooking is part of the fun of a house party, I pack a box of my favorite kitchen essentials: 1. All-Clad 14-inch fry pan. Yes, it is a huge pan, but it provides the expansive surface area for better browning. I can caramelize […]

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Food Section, Let’s Eat, features today a dessert using the cream whipper, which is so much fun! Fill the canister with heavy cream (or in their recipe, sweetened raspberry puree mixed with cream), then use a N2O charger, and — voila — perfect whipped cream comes out in luscious swirls. At […]

The best gifts are the ones we secretly lust after, but can’t justify buying for ourselves. Thrill your loved ones with these special gifts that cooks will adore and use regularly. Emile Henry baking stone is available in purple or black. This baking stone features handles, has a beautiful and durable glaze, is oven safe, […]

Jennifer asks, “When would I use parchment paper vs. greasing the pan? Are they interchangeable? Thanks!” Parchment paper is a wonderful tool for baking: food easily slides off the paper after baking. Parchment paper is not the same as wax paper, which should not be used in the oven. Parchment paper is available in a […]

A clever tool for every cook and baker is the Danish dough whisk, which looks like a miniature rug beater and is actually made in Poland, not Denmark. This handy tool is more than a wooden spoon in combining foods, but less than a whisk (which can get clogged in thicker batters). Anyone who has […]

At Kitchen Conservatory, we love Thanksgiving. We love to give thanks for the bounty of wonderful and delicious foods available for our table. Yes, we can help you with all the Thanksgiving equipment needed for the big meal. The best turkey roaster is on a special sale — $159.95 (regular value is $330). Made by […]