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Rolonda from Goshen, Indiana writes:

I have been making dog treats and am also decorating them. I have used yogurt, mainly. I would also like to use carob, but am having a problem getting the carob to melt enough for me to be able to dip the cookies in it. Do I need to get a special kind of carob, or is there a special way to melt it?

Any suggestions, readers?

What, the Chef is Stumped? Yep. It doesn’t happen often but some times in-house chef Anne Cori needs help answering a customer’s question.
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One Comment for “Stump the Chef: Carob”  

  1. LindaD.

    Barryfarm.com sells candy making supplies, including “Paramount Crystals” (ingredients are palm kernel oil, lecithin, and citric acid) which supposedly aids in melting carob. I have not used this product. But I have added vegetable oil to some kinds of (cheap)chocolate that were just not smooth enough to use as a coating. First, I would try adding a small amount of soybean oil to the carob as you melt it. Another option would be to melt some organic shortening (like Spectrum, available at Whole Foods and many grocery stores) and add that along with a small amount of lecithin granules (available at some health food stores, BobsRedMill.com and bulkfoods.com). Good luck with your dog treats. Bone Appetite!