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Every August, Kitchen Conservatory offers a Cookbook Fair. If you are a purger or a collector, here is your chance to downsize or augment your collection of cookbooks. Here’s how the fair works:

  • Select the cookbooks from your library that need a different home (and, yes, they must be books with recipes — no magazines or instruction manuals, please) and bring them to Kitchen Conservatory from August 1 to 11.
  • For each cookbook, you will receive a coupon for an extra 5 percent discount that can be used during our fabulous annual sale. In other words, a 20-percent-discounted item is upgraded to 25 percent off on that single item. What a deal!
  • For the cookbook collectors, we sell the returned books for $1. Find the out-of-print cookbooks you’ve always heard about!

The Cookbook Fair is from August 1 to 11, 2007 only. No used cookbooks are accepted or discounts offered at any other time.