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In other days, I made pub crawls, now I crawl sushi bars. A proper pub crawl is alphabetical: start with a bar beginning with the letter A and progress as far as possible. Last Saturday night saw 5 sushi bars (with 5 nigiri sushi pieces each) in 5 hours, traversing St. Louis from east to west over 25 miles. There were more sushi bars on the list (Nippon Tei and Oishi Sushi to name two), but we collapsed like a bloated fish after 25 pieces. All we said to the sushi chefs was “feed us”; they picked their best items. And all the sushi chefs served toro (fatty tuna) as one of the pieces. Here are the sober results of a very enjoyable, but informal poll:

  • The sushi bar with the most colorful patrons: Seki
  • The place where Mama may throw you out on your ear: Seki
  • The sushi bar most in need of a garage sale: Tachibana
  • The best sushi bar to chat up other patrons: Nobu
  • The best place for a first date: Wasabi
  • Sushi bar least affected by Highway 40 closures: Tachibana
  • The bar with the chattiest sushi chef: Sansui
  • Hardest clam to open: Seki at Seki
  • Best clam sushi: Sansui
  • Most like a neighborhood bar: Nobu
  • The sushi restaurant with the most attractive china: Nobu
  • The best hot hand towels: Nobu
  • The best toro (fatty tuna): Seki
  • The best wasabi: Seki
  • The best pickled ginger: Nobu
  • The most creative sushi: Seki (one fish; two different presentations)
  • Where the sushi required a knife and a fork: Wasabi
  • The best fish-to-rice ratio: Sansui, Seki, and Nobu
  • Tastiest fish: Seki
  • Most like home: Nobu
  • Shiniest surfaces: Wasabi
  • Best value for money: Sansui
  • Where I will eat next: Nobu

Where to find the restaurants visited:

And more importantly, where to find the next sushi-making class at Kitchen Conservatory: Monday, August 20, 6:30 to 9 pm, Sushi in the Sky with Diamonds. Make your own sushi and it’s always just the way you like it.

Anyone else up for a crawl?

What other type of food makes for a such a comparison?

2 Comments for “The Sushi Crawl”  

  1. deercreek36

    Questions for “Anne”

    Your bar crawl,
    1. how many letters were you able to complete?
    2. what did you drink?
    3. what was your transport?

    Your sushi crawl
    1. what did you drink and how much?
    2. what was the average cost per place?
    3. what is the maximum number of people that could come along?
    4. which chef(s) would be best to teach a class at Kitchen Conservatory?

    Other foods
    1. french fries
    2. fried chicken
    3. small plates or starters
    4. soup

  2. Anne

    Question 1: I always stumble on E. I heard of someone who visited all the bars around a lake while cruising a sailboat.
    Question 2: Avoid sake and go for tea; cost is less than $20 per person. Any chef who has passion to communicate his food is a great chef to teach a class at Kitchen Conservatory.
    Question 3: Remember that this choice is the only food for the evening; I would tire quickly of fries. How about dim sum?