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I have been trying to create my kitchen “wish list” and I’ve been researching cookware. From my readings I’ve discovered that most chefs use a variety of materials for their cookware. For instance, cast iron is not used for tomato based sauces and copper is best for sauteing. The options are immense and confusing. Exactly what cookware does go in a dream kitchen? Thank you!

Jennifer from Seattle

Here is my list of essential cookware:

Happy cooking with your new pans!

3 Comments for “Ask the Chef: What Cookware is Best?”  

  1. Alanna

    Ha. I guess that means I only need four. Great list, however, thought-provoking.

  2. Brenda

    I think the All-Clad saute pan is a great pan, but the braiser can double for the saute pan, and also works well for stews since it has a dome lid, and two small handles to fit easily in the oven. Personally I have both and love them.

    I also think if you have the cast iron skillet, and either the saute or braiser, the frypan is really a waste. The fry pan is the only piece on the list that I do not own, and do not have a need for, and I cook three meals a day for a family that likes to eat.

    I know Anne will disagree, but I also think a small 1 quart saucier is a handy pan to have around the kitchen. I use mine regularly to melt butter, chocolate, and make hollandaise every Saturday morning.

  3. Anne

    A 1-quart saucier is too small for hollandaise; I would whisk the sauce out of the pot. You could make hollandase more easily in the 3-quart saucier.

    In defense of the 14-inch fry pan, it has a larger surface area than any of the other pans. I like lots of space so the food is not crowded and browns evenly and quickly. Otherwise, I would have to cook the food in batches.