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There are many factors involved in producing food that tastes delicious and one rule is not always the answer. Using “organic” or “locally-grown” ingredients do not necessarily result in a delicious dinner. The single most important factor in a great dining experience is that the food taste delicious. Delicious food is achieved by several ingredients:

Age. Younger animals have meat that is more tender than older animals. Many vegetables taste better when picked early because the flavor has not been diluted by too much water. Fruit is most succulent when vine or tree-ripened.

Freshness. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are best eaten very shortly after they have naturally ripened and picked. Fish is best eaten right out of the water. If we do not harvest ourselves, the best way to ensure fresh food is a good transportation system and jet planes. If food is efficiently delivered from farm to store, it will more likely be fresh when we eat it.

Preparation. Good raw ingredients need good cooking.