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Welcome and Welcome Back!

  • Krupa and Sid Panchal, owners of the plant-based Bombay Food Junkies
    • August 28: The Mung Dine-asty
  • Laura and AJ Juarez, of Brew Tulum
    • June 27: A Roast to Coffee
  • Darren Zesch is sharing his knowledge and talents for a fabulous variety of classes
    • June 13: Date Night for Couples: Ciao Chow
    • June 30: ‘Cue Tips
    • July 16: Girls’ Night Out: He Red Your Mind
    • July 27: From Gyro to Zero
    • August 3: Beyond Be-Leaf
    • August 18: Tamales are Under Wraps
  • Louise Wimmer is sharing her baking talents before she moves away for graduate school
    • June 17: A Toast to Pop Tarts
    • July 17: Ah, The Macaron!
  • Susan Kilian, owner of The Tea Studio by Kilian, is joining Lydia Gwin for a tea class
    • July 18: Spill the Tea with Lydia and Suzie
  • Jan Reid, a familiar face at Kitchen Conservatory 
    • August 6: Girls’ Night Out: Southern Comforts
  • Dara Boxer, a new face at Kitchen Conservatory 
    • June 3: Goodness, Grain-scious, Great Bowls of Fiber
    • June 26: Girls’ Night Out: Orange You Sub-lime?
    • July 6: Sauces are a Flash in the Pan
    • July 22: Pasta Wants Some Awesome Sauce
    • August 7: New Momma Superfoods
    • August 26: Sheet Pan Dinners are Hot
  • Erica Long, is home from college for the summer
    • July 29: Many Mini Pies
  • Tanya Ott is back to share her incredible baking talents
    • June 8: Magnificent Macarons
    • July 13: How About ‘Choux?
    • August 24: Star Baker
  • Rachelle Moeller is back teaching tacos
    • August 4: Taco the Town

Kids Edition
The Kids Edition has expanded to four pages! This is not included with our regular newsletter mailing. If you would like a copy, stop by the store or request one and we will mail it to you. It includes:

  • Heir and a Parent classes for children, at least 7 years of age, plus a parent
  • 3-Day Bootcamps (Culinary and Baking) for the Apprentice Chef, for aspiring chefs, children from ages 7 to 11
  • A New Generation of Cooks, for children, ages 7 to 11
  • Teens Take on the World, for teens, ages 12 to 16

Favorite Binge-Worthy Television

  • June 7: Thank You For Being a Friend with Gigi Smith
  • June 19: Girls’ Night Out: Bridgerton is Our Guilty Pleasure with Lydia Gwin
  • August 11: A Real Schitt Show with Lydia Gwin
  • August 13: Date Night for Couples: I Burn For You with Mickey Kitterman


  • June 2: Ine-Scape-able! with Lydia Gwin
  • June 23: Braiders of the Lost Garlic
  • July 29: Really Love Your Peaches! with Matt Sassman
  • August 4: Abracadabra – Pesto Presto with Lydia Gwin
  • August 10: Let There Be Peach on Earth with Mickey Kitterman
  • August 20: Honey, I Blue Up the Kitchen with Kirk Warner
  • August 24: Hatch Chiles – Give It a Roast, Will You? with Matt Sassman
  • August 27: Girls’ Night Out: A Night of Hatch-steria with Matt Sassman

Looking for a Specific Class? Use our Search Refinements on our Cooking Class page! 

  • Use Class Title or Keyword to look for classes like sushi, tacos, macarons, date night, girls’ night out, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free
  • Use Chef to look for a favorite teacher
  • Use Type if you prefer hands-on or demonstration

See you in the Kitchen!