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Most chowders are thick, rich, hearty soups seasoned with bacon and potatoes. This exceptional chowder is elegant and sophisticated for serving at a special dinner party. The texture is voluptuous. This corn soup is even delicious cold on a hot summer night. The recipe includes many variations on garnishing the soup from seafood to fresh vegetables and herbs.

Corn Chowder is Number 13 on the Top Thirty Recipes celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of Kitchen Conservatory. The recipe is available here for $1 with unlimited downloads.

To see how to make corn chowder, join us for one of these cooking classes:

  • “Southern Charm” on August 6
  • “The Secret Financial Life of Food” on August 17

Making creamy fresh corn off the cob requires an old-fashioned tool that both Irma Rombauer and Julia Child used: a Lee’s corn creamer.