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First we discovered the lemon cream sauce, which is good, but seemed to call out for seafood. So we put seared sea scallops on top of the sauce. But such a beautiful sauce needs better treatment. So we used fresh lobster and shrimp, mixed with a little mascarpone cheese and seasonings, and stuffed into fresh pasta, which we shaped into agnolotti or ravioli. Boiled, drained, and sauced with lemon cream sauce and a Top Thirty Recipe was created.

Lobster Agnolotti in Lemon Cream Sauce is Number 14 on our list of Top Thirty Recipes celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of Kitchen Conservatory.

The recipe for the pasta, filling, and sauce is available here.

To learn how to make this sumptuous and memorable dish, join us for “A Day in the Kitchen: Pasta” on Sunday, July 13 at 11 am. Register here.