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garlicclove.jpgKitchen Conservatory is now selling heads of garlic for planting. Garlic is an easy plant for home gardeners to grow. Fresh garlic tastes so much better than what is available at the supermarket. (Garlic from the supermarket cannot be planted.)

One clove of garlic will yield one head of garlic. Be sure to plant the cloves root down, stem up! Plant each clove about three to four inches deep. Garlic needs a lot of time to grow (8 1/2 months) and a lot of space (plant the cloves at least 9 inches apart). To plant our garlic faster this year, we devised a wooden dibbler which punches four holes at a time in the dirt. Note the string underneath the dibbler, which keeps our rows straight.garlicplanting.jpg

We planted 16 rows of garlic and each row has 146 plants. So we are planning to harvest 2,336 heads of garlic on July 1, 2012! Yes, we do want to corner the St. Louis garlic market!

5 Comments for “Now Is the Time to Plant Garlic”  

  1. Kathryn

    Is there a local store to purchase the garlic starts from?

  2. Anne

    Kitchen Conservatory is selling the garlic for planting. If you are not in St. Louis, we would be happy to ship them to you; just call us at 866-862-2433.

  3. Lynne

    Does garlic grow in a container? Maybe if it is pretty big and deep? We do not have garden-worthy space in our yard but I grow lots of herbs on my deck.

  4. Anne

    It is harder to grow garlic in containers because the plant needs so much room. I think the container needs to have a 20-24-inch diameter….because that is the amount of room that garlic needs in the ground.

  5. Lynne

    Hmmm…I think I’ll just keep using yours! Thanks, Anne!