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Thank you to the Riverfront Times for naming Kitchen Conservatory as the Best Place to Explore Your Inner Chef!

“Let us tell you a bit about your inner chef. Sure, this hidden-away part of you doesn’t particularly mind your outdated kitchen or the recipes your inner control freak chooses to prepare over and over again. But if you allowed your inner chef to spend more time on the front burner (so to speak), you would find yourself at the Kitchen Conservatory a lot more often.

“For starters, this kitchen-tool shop sells all kinds of useful goodies for your cooking pleasure, including chicken roasters, yogurt makers, left-handed tools and specialty flour. But even better, the Conservatory offers hands-on classes during which you can avail yourself (and your inner chef) of the most well-stocked kitchen in all the land. Frying pans of all dimensions hang overhead! Measuring cups are so plentiful, the size you need is always clean! Pounds and pounds of fancy Plugrá butter line the door of the refrigerator! Tasting spoons await in a crock next to the plus-size gas stovetop, which is truly a thing to behold. And get this: You never have to do the dishes in this kitchen. Now, that’s cooking!

“Add in expert instruction from Kitchen Conservatory staff members, along with guest appearances by area chefs — Sidney Street Café’s Kevin Nashan, Salume Beddu’s Ben Poremba and Jon Feraro of the Jersey-style pizza joint that bears his last name, to list a few — and you’ve got yourself an entertaining learning session. Not all courses are active (demonstration-style classes fill out a portion of the roster), but no matter the style of study you choose and regardless of the topic you explore (Indian cooking, homemade pastas and knife skills are a few of those recently available), your coursework is affordable and, best of all, delish.”

Thank you, Riverfront Times, for this honor!