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The perfect present to give and to receive is a delicious cooking class! Kitchen Conservatory has just posted our Winter schedule with 200 new cooking classes and a wide variety of menus.

Our week of Valentine Date Night for couples are so much fun. Choose among menus featuring beef Wellington, beef short ribs, steak au poivre, lobster tails, fried chicken, braised lamb shanks, or Thai duck curry. Also, our favorite Date Night menus (Tuscany for Two, On The Town, Pizza, Life is a Cabernet, Claw and Order, Strip Tease) are available on other weekends.

Give a hearty welcome to these new culinary instructors:

  • Master the art of cheesecake and toppings with Mike Brewer and Sonny Burnside of Mother B’s Bakery on January 15.
  • Learn artisan breads and natural starters with baker Matt Herren of 222 Bakery on January 30.
  • Flaky pastry doughs are possible with pastry chef Sally Sciaroni of Onesto’s on February 22.
  • Indulge in the dynamic flavors of Cuban foods with Wil Pelly of Sanctuaria on March 7.
  • Roll your own pasta dough with chef Ian Vest of The Crossing on March 21.
To help with New Year’s resolutions, we have several classes for your health in January:
  • Linda Daniels of Free Range Cookies will teach gluten-free baking on January 3.
  • The Weigh We Were features light cooking with Barb Nack on January 3.
  • Low-carb cooking is on the menu with Jack MacMurray of Sage Restaurant on January 5.
  • An all-vegetarian menu with panache with Anne Cori on January 6.
  • Vegan cooking is explained by chef Clara Moore of Local Harvest Cafe in Vegan-omics on January 26.
  • Lassi, Come Home features mango lassis and other vegetarian Indian foods with Nupur Kittur on February 5.

And our newsletter is funnier than ever. The master of puns, Ruth Sparrow, continues to elicit chuckles with these titles:

  • Man of La Mangia with Kim Tucci of The Pasta House on January 19.
  • Shake and Bacon on January 22, a Girls’ Night Out with Kelly Gardner and her favorite food: bacon.
  • Risotto: The Lovin’ Spoonful on January 24 with Christie Saali (yes, creamy risotto is best eaten with a spoon).
  • The art of tarts by pastry chef Christie Saali of Sidney Street Cafe in Tart Nouveau on January 29.
  • Tequila Mockingbird with Dawn Meyer on February 25. Yes, the menu features margaritas!

Every newsletter has a theme and this time the theme is soup; warm up with these souper classes:

  • Bowling for Soup with Barb Nack on December 8.
  • Greek Soup Spoon with Maria Sakellariou on January 14.
  • Recipe Redux: Favorite Soups with Dawn Meyer on January 27.
  • Take Stock in Soup with Ben Poremba on January 31.
  • In Deep Water: Seafood Soups and Stews with Kirk Warner on February 17.

And the cooking class that I am most excited about is Two Chefs and a Menu on January 10. We have given one simple menu to two very talented chefs — Josh Galliano of Monarch and Steve Caravelli of Araka — and let’s see what magic they will create in the kitchen. The same ingredients can produce very different and delicious results.

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