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Yes, if you order from Kitchen Conservatory this week, you will get your package by Christmas. Thursday, December 17 (at noon CST) is the last day for us to receive orders and still ship them out to arrive by December 24. If you order after December 17, we strongly urge you to expedite your shipping order (second day or next day delivery) in order to make sure that you receive the package.

What are the hot items this year?

Darling recipe boxes with matching cards and protective sleeves.

Caramel iron salamander for making perfect creme brulee.

Danish dough whisk (actually made in Poland), our favorite bread-making tool.

Natural scallop shells for making Julia’s coquilles St. Jacques.

French tart pans with removable bottoms in every size (thanks to Alton Brown’s famous apple pie).

Rolling pins — we have the best selection from heavy-duty pastry pins to marble to French-style pins with no handles.

This season is all about homemade gifts; bake beautiful cookies with our fabulous decorative sugars and sprinkles. Gifts from the heart are always the best presents!