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A few spaces are still available in cooking classes this week, including some of our most requested classes. Don’t miss these especially scrumptious dishes:

On Tuesday, April 21, Christie Saali is whipping up a light and airy crab souffle with a mustard-pepper sauce in “Souffles and Custards.”

On Wednesday, April 22, join the vibrant and dynamic chef Jack MacMurray of Sage Restaurant in home-smoking onion rings for barbequed pork in “Beechwood Saged.”

On Friday, April 24, join personal chef Maria Sakellariou (whose license plate reads LOVE FETA) in making spinach-and-feta-stuffed chicken breasts in “Feta Attraction.”

On Saturday, April 25, fun and cheery Robin Chestnas will demonstrate a shrimp salad served in crispy cheese baskets in “Girls’ Night Out: Diva-licious.”

On Sunday, April 26, join the charming Naam Pruitt (our next TV Food Network star) in making Thai beef salad with lime dressing in “En-Thai-ly Delicious.”

On Monday, April 27, join chef Brad Burns of Lorenzo’s Restaurant in rolling and cutting homemade spinach gnocchi tossed with olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, fresh mozzarella, and herbs in “Okie Dokey Gnocchi.”

To read the complete menus and to register for cooking class, please click here.