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The sheer volume of cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory can be overwhelming; what to choose when all 600 sound delicious? Here’s a short answer: come to class on the night of Monday, April 20. We are offering two different classes and both will be delectable.

“First and Last at Fond” showcases the newest star on our local culinary scene. Fond is located in Edwardsville, so if you haven’t yet crossed the river to visit this fabulous restaurant, this class offeres the opportunity to sample chef Amy Zupanci’s creativity in her appetizers and desserts. Plus, she’s making a morel mushroom tart!

We’ve all done wine-and-food pairings, then beer-and-food pairings, now the latest is cocktail-and-food pairings. Mixology is both an art and a science, which Ted Kilgore of Monarch has mastered.  In “Step Up to the Bar,” he will match his acclaimed cocktails (as noted in the Wall Street Journal) with Josh Galliano’s bar snacks. I’ve been told that the chicken confit nuggets alone are worth the price of admission.

It’s hard to pick between the two, but April 20 will be a memorable night of cooking at Kitchen Conservatory. Register now.