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We are excited about our full lineup of cooking classes for the Winter schedule! If you are on our mailing list, you will be receiving our 20-page newsletter in your mailbox soon! If you would like to be on the list, just give us a call!

Welcome and Welcome Back! 

Become a fan of our new teachers! Each has their own unique skills to offer.

  • Andy DeCou, cheese expert
    • December 19: Cheese Boards and Beer – You Cheddar Not Pout
  • Bryan Scott, owner of Doggie Mac’s food truck and Soul Burgers food truck 
    • December 20: Hot Diggity Dog
    • December 22: Let’s Meat for Lunch
    • January 2: Heir and a Parent: Just Kidding
    • February 27: Great Scott! Let’s Cook!
    • March 4: Girls’ Night Out: More Garlic, Please 
  • René Sackett, farmers market manager 
    • January 4:  In the Feast lane with Hard Ciders with Mickey Kitterman
    • March 27: Heir and a Parent: Easter Bunny Tea Party
  • Lisa Buchmeier, our plant-based nutrition expert
    • January 19: Vegan Bakers Aren’t Afraid to Take Whisks
    • Mary 2: The Baking Vegan-izer – No One Will Know
  • Ben Sarver, personal chef 
    • January 30: Date Night for Couples: Shanks a Million!
  • Jeff Young, sous chef at Trattoria Marcella
    • February 20: Date Night for Couples: Hot to Trattoria
  • Barb Nack, inched out of retirement to share her skills again
    • March 10: Love It and Leaf It!

NEW Series:

Looking for weekday daytime demonstration classes? We have added two new series!

  • Killian It with Pastries with Rachelle Killian
    • January 5: Quiche. Tart. Baba au Rhum.
    • February 2: Strudel. Beignets. Danish.
    • March 9: Galette. Tart. Turnover.
  • Lydia Cooks the Books with Lydia Gwin
    • January 20: Lydia Cooks the Books with Hazan
    • February 17: Lydia Cooks the Books with Ottolenghi

For your Saturday morning enjoyment, join Mickey Kitterman for a monthly French class.

  • French Fare with Mickey Kitterman
    • January 29: Moules et Clafouti
    • February 12: Potage et Poulet
    • March 5: Chèvre et Pots de Crème

Book one of our Holiday classes throughout December to take with your family and friends to celebrate the holidays. They are filling quickly, but we have added more classes every day for the last two weeks of December, both during the day and the evening! 

Even though we publish a quarterly newsletter, we love to throw in extra classes at a whim! For the first time in our history, we have added an exciting Date Night class on January 1, and could not think of a better way to start the New Year!

  • January 1: Date Night for Couples: Might as Well-ington!

January is also loaded with plenty of health-minded classes!

  • January 6: The Key to Keto with Lydia Gwin
  • January 9: Date Night for Couples: The Weight is Over with Jon Lowe
  • January 13: Zero-Proof Cocktail Flight with Lydia Gwin
  • January 16: Date Night for Couples: Get A-Weigh to Mars with Dara Boxer
  • January 21: Date Night for Couples: To Our Health with Devon Drag
  • January 27: Goodness, Grain-cious, Great Bowls of Fiber with Dara Boxer

Our popular Valentine for Couples classes are available from February 3 through Valentine’s Day. This is a Kitchen Conservatory tradition that you won’t want to miss! Each night offers a delicious love-inspired menu!

We look forward to having you in our kitchen for great food and great fun!