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2020 is off to a fantastic start! We have an exciting lineup of cooking classes now available.

Welcome and Welcome Back!

  • Brian Hale and Tim Dressel, of Cobalt Smoke & Sea, will be teaching on March 23. It has been almost 9 years since Brian has been in our kitchen, and we are delighted to welcome him back as the executive chef at Cobalt.
    • March 23: Hale, Yes! Bourbon and Brunch!
  • Beth McEwen, a Kitchen Assistant and Pantry Proprietor, is teaching a variety of classes.
    • March 24: Primer for Perfect Cut-Out Cookies and Royal Icing
    • April 3: Girls’ Night Out: No Buoys Allowed
    • May 10: Date Night for Couples: Tuscany for Two
    • June 5: Girls’ Night Out: The Devil Wears Sriracha 
  • Lillie Danzer, owner of New Day Gluten Free, is teaching a gluten-free baking class.
    • March 26: Get On the Gluten-Free Gravy Train
  • Nico Shumpert, one of Sauce Magazine’s 2020 Ones to Watch will be teaching two classes.
    • March 27: Nico’s Culinary Curiosity
    • May 9: Chutney, Be Good!
  • Thom Chanthasary, of Han Lao, will be teaching Laotian dishes, including their housemade fat rice noodles.
    • March 29: Hello, Han Lao!
  • Alex Feick, chef-owner of Prioritized Pastries – a vegan and gluten-free bakery!
    • April 5: Pastry Queen with Nothing but Flavor
  • Welcome back to Malou Perez-Nievera, cookbook author and food blogger, known about town for her Filipino pop-up dinners. 
    • April 8: Spoons and Forks, Plus Corks
  • Tanya Ott, shares her talents and experiences from Season 5 of Great American Baking Show, and will be teaching 4 exciting classes.
    • April 16: Star Baker
    • May 14: How About ‘Choux?
    • May 23: Heir and a Parent: Do You or Doughn’t You?
    • June 16: The Artistry Behind Edible Design Elements
  • Alex Schenk, a Kitchen Conservatory alum, will be teaching 2 classes.
    • April 19: Chalk These Burgers Up for Today’s Special
    • June 27: Heir and a Parent: Wizards in the Kitchen
  • Rachelle Killian has been a familiar face at Kitchen Conservatory as a Kitchen Assistant, and now sharing her talents.
    • May 7: Be Still, My Tart – Let’s Quiche
  • Jean Millner has been a familiar face at Kitchen Conservatory and taught her first class in 2011.
    • June 28: Date Night for Couples: Slated for Success

For the kids, we have added lots of new Heir and a Parent classes, and are giving you a head start to register for our 2 summer Bootcamps!

  • Heir and a Parent, designed for children, at least 7 years of age, plus a parent
    • April 25: Sushi – Kids Just Roll with It with Kore and Kiyomi Wilbert
    • May 2: Crank Out the Pasta with Vikki DiMattia
    • May 16: Like a Kid in a Candy Store with Amanda Anderson
    • May 23: Do You or Doughn’t You? with Tanya Ott
    • May 31: Chip, Chip Hooray for Tacos and Nachos with Devon Drag
    • June 7: What’s Your Candy Crush? with Amanda Anderson
    • June 14: Pizza with the Kid-dough! with Jess Schmidt
    • June 27: Wizards in the Kitchen with Alex Schenk
  • The Apprentice Chef, for children, ages 7 to 11
    • June 2, 3, 4: Culinary Bootcamp
    • August 4, 5, 6: Baking Bootcamp

Decorating classes are fun, and you get to take home your works of art!

  • Cookie Decorating
    • February 5: Valentine Cookie Decorating with Rebecca Boillat
    • April 5: Easter Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
    • May 3: Mother’s Day Cookie Decorating with Heather Reed
    • June 14: Summer Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
  • Cake and Cupcake Decorating
    • April 8: Pretty Cake Decorating with Megan Rois, of The Cakery
    • April 19: The Art of Naked Cake Decorating with Heather Reed
    • April 20: The Art of Decorating Cupcakes with Devon Drag
    • June 18: Pretty Cake Decorating with Megan Rois, of The Cakery
  • We have added 2 new exciting primer classes for those who want to learn how to make perfect cut-out cookies and royal icing for cookie decorating, and how to bake perfect cakes.
    • March 24: Primer for Perfect Cut-Out Cookies and Royal Icing
    • April 23: Primer for Baking Perfect Cakes

We always want to add a bit of humor to every newsletter. Some of our favorite titles:   

  • March 18: Soubise or Not Soubise
  • April 22: The Way Jack Seas It!
  • May 11: Loosen Your Belt for Kung Fu’d
  • May 22: Girls’ Night Out: Cheese, Louise!
  • June 3: Big Little Pies
  • June 5: Girls’ Night Out: The Devil Wears Sriracha 
  • June 20: Date Night for Couples: Guys and Dhals

See you in the kitchen!