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We have kicked off 2019 with an impressive list of new cooking classes! Register now!

Our NEW website also makes finding a class so much easier! Use the search refinements to find a key word like sushi, vegan, gluten-free, pasta, pizza, or look for a class with your favorite teacher. You can also refine the search by looking for only demonstration classes, or only hands-on classes. If you only want to see the classes that are available, change the sold out search to no!

There were plenty of cooking classes given as holiday gifts, so you see many sold out classes on our website. We encourage you to call the store to be put on the waitlist for any of these classes, and we always tell you if and when this class is offered again.

We are offering more WEEKDAY DAYTIME classes than ever before! 

  • February 19: Mornings with Margi – “Caviar” to Clafoutis
  • February 27: Cinnamon is on a Roll 
  • March 12: Mornings with Margi – Pita to Parsnips
  • March 13: Spring Cookie Cutter Couture
  • March 19: The Basics of Fresh Bread
  • April 17: Breads from France
  • April 23: Mornings with Margi – Tenderloin to Tarts
  • April 25: A Great British Bake Off
  • May 16: Rise in the Yeast, Set in the Waist
  • May 21: Mornings with Margi – Eggplant to Florentines
  • May 23: For Frying Out Loud
  • June 13: Sourdough Bread
  • June 18: Mornings with Margi – Vietnam to India

Welcome and welcome back!

We are also honored to welcome Stephen Sparrow, founder of Snow Leopard Vodka, on March 3 to answer any  questions, as Marianne Moore teaches an extraordinary class using vodka to create stunning vegan dishes. Each guest will receive a cocktail kit with a bottle of Snow Leopard Vodka, a Snow Leopard Vodka apron, and a mini recipe booklet. $5 from each reservation will benefit the St. Louis Zoo with a double match from Edrington – Snow Leopard Vodka.

The dedicated cheesemaker and 7th generation Marcoot to raise Jersey cattle, Amy Marcoot will be teaching two exciting classes:

  •     March 5: Handmade Cheeses with Amy Marcoot
  •     May 28: Rum and Cheese, Please!

Talented pizzaiolo Matt Middeke was one of our first teachers for The Art of Pizza Throwing, and we give him a big welcome back representing Racanelli’s with available classes on May 20 and June 24.

Girl Scout leader and cool mom Sarah Matthews will be teaching two classes utilizing all the cookies you are stashing, one for adults and one parent/child class!

  •     March 12: Be Prepared to Tag Along
  •     March 16: Heir and a Parent: Gime me Samoa® Those Cookies

Brenda O’Connor will be sharing her creative talents in a cookie decorating class on March 13.

Lizzie Geerling and Claire Troll, of Saint Louis Succulents, are joining us for two exciting non-cooking classes! These creative and talented ladies will be doing a hand lettering class and a needle felting class. 

  •     April 28: Hand Lettering with Lizzie and Claire
  •     June 23: Needle Felting with Lizzie and Claire

Our Heir and a Parent classes fill quickly, and we try to add more just as fast as we can! Available classes:

  • March 16: Give Me Samoa® Those Cookies
  • April 6: What’s Your Candy Crush
  • May 5: Like a Kid in a Candy Store
  • May 25: Wizards in the Kitchen
  • June 2: Calling All Princesses
  • June 8: What’s Your Candy Crush
  • June 22: Chip, Chip Hooray for Tacos and Nachos
  • June 30: Wizards in the Kitchen

It is not too early to make plans for your child, ages 7 to 11, to join us for our annual 3-day Apprentice Chef: Culinary Bootcamp from June 4 through June 6. 

Here’s to Your Heath!

Vegan classes:

  • March 3: A Vegan Feast with Snow Leopard Vodka with Marianne Moore
  • April 13: Date Night for Couples: The New Orleans Vegan-izer with Stephanie Bosch
  • April 18: Powered by Plants with Caryn Dugan
  • April 22: Vegan Breakfast – The Yolks on Us with Marianne Moore
  • May 2: The Vegan Baker with Marianne Moore
  • June 15: Vegans Love It and Leaf It with Stephanie Bosch
  • June 20: Vegans – Oh, The Truffles We’ve Seen with Caryn Dugan


  • March 14: Vegetarians Always Chop Around with Marianne Moore
  • March 22: Girls’ Night Out: The Beet Goes On with Margi Kahn
  • May 29: Rooting for Vegetarians with Margi Kahn

Whole 30:

  • April 24: Whole 30 Healthy Eating


  • April 27: Paleo is a No-Grainer 
  • May 8: A Glutton for Gluten-Free
  • May 23: Paleo Grilling is On Fire!

You cannot get enough of these classes, and we add sessions as fast as we can!

A Great British Bakeoff

  •     March 27
  •     March 28 (daytime)
  •     April 25
  •     May 28

Macarons – Barry Marcus teaches two versions of this class, one with buttercream filling and one with ganache filling.

  •     May 18: Flawless French Macarons
  •     June 15: Flawless French Macarons – Ganache Edition

There are hundreds of classes available! You are always welcome to call our store during regular hours and we will be happy to help you find the class just right or you. We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen!