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Welcome and welcome back!
  • Stephanie Bosch is teaching her first holiday vegan class on December 15.
  • Gene Baldi, of Public House Brewing Company, is joining Marianne Moore for a fun class on December 18.
  • Nick Bognar, of Nippon Tei, is showcasing his expertise with sashimi and crudo dishes on January 7.
  • Matthew Daughaday, of Reeds American Table, is making cheese and using it for a four-course dinner on January 8.
  • Kayla Rogers is joining Anne Cori for our 1st belly dancing Dine and Dance class, Hips Don’t Lie, on January 12.
  • Kore Wilbert, of Copper Pig, is teaching a hands-on class on January 29 showcasing salmon and tuna.
Thanksgiving is our Favorite Holiday! 
We are thankful for everyone who cooks delicious food and appreciates good food!
  • November 11: My First Thanksgiving with Barb Nack
  • November 20: Heir and a Parent: The Great Pumpkin Pie with Jordan McLaren
  • November 21: Thanksgiving: I’ll Take Pie with Anne Cori
Christmas and the Holiday Season!
We have plenty of inspiration for your holidays!
  • November 26: Jolly Christmas Cake Pops with Rachel Sarino, of StL Cake Pops
  • December 1: Date Night for Couples: “Sigh”lent Night with Barb Nack
  • December 3: You Butter Not Pout with Naam Pruitt
  • December 4: Feast of the Seven Fishes with Mickey Kitterman
  • December 5: Put a Crown on It! with Barb Nack
  • December 6: Ho! Ho! Holiday Cupcakes with Dawn Meyer
  • December 8: Girls’ Night Out: Jingle Belles with Barb Nack
  • December 9: Gingerbread House for Adults
  • December 9: Christmas Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
  • December 11: All’s Well That Ends Well-ington with Barb Nack
  • December 12: You Had Me at Lobster with Jack MacMurray, of Boathouse
  • December 13: In Good Company with Marianne Moore
  • December 16: Bake and Take: Cookie Exchange with Barb Nack
  • December 16: Sugar Plum Fairy Tea with Naam Pruitt
  • December 16: Christmas Cookie Cutter Couture with Ericka Lanter
  • December 18: ’Tis the Season to Be of Good Beer with Marianne Moore and Gene Baldi
  • December 19: Prime Rib Perfection with Mickey Kitterman
  • December 19: Nick-Nack-Paddy Whack, Give the Dog a Bone! with Barb Nack
  • December 21: Date Night for Couples: In the Nick of Time with Marianne Moore
  • December 21: Naughty Cookies and Milk with Devon Drag
  • December 23: Eat. Drink. Be Merry. with Anne Cori
End the Year with Family and Friends!
December 26 through December 30, we have lots of daytime and evening classes planned that are perfect for families, guests, and friends! Our classes this week include pasta, sushi, tacos, fried chicken, crêpes, pizza, soups, cupcakes and cocktails, samosas and chutney, and more!
December 26:
  • Pasta, Pasta, Pasta
  •  If You Knew Sushi                     
  • Let’s Taco About It
December 27:   
  • For Frying Out Loud
  • The Apprentice Chef: Midnight Snacks
  • Shake, Rattle and Pour
December 28:   
  • Oh, Crêpes!
  •  Pizza Toss
  •  Lobster and Champagne
  • Chips, Dips, and Whips
December 29:   
  • Merry Old England: Pubs and Pints
  • Take a Crack-er at This!
  • Cupcakes and Cocktails
December 30:   
  • Chutney the Front Door, We are Making Samosas!
  • Bring it On, New Year!
  • Date Night for Couples: One if by Land, Two if by Sea
To Your Health!
New Year Resolutions (Paleo, Whole 30, Yoga, Gluten-Free,Healthy):
  • November 11: Sunday Funday: Yoga Bruch with Devon Drag
  • November 13: Paleo: Ditch the Dairy! with Margi Kahn
  • January 6: Sunday Funday: Yoga Bruch with Devon Drag
  • January 6: Date Night for Couples: We Can’t Weight with Jon Lowe
  • January 17: Weigh to Go! with Barb Nack
  • January 27: Whole 30 Healthy Eating with Devon Drag
  • January 30: Gluten-Free Baking Bonanza with Margi Kahn
  • February 20: Nutty for Paleo with Margi Kahn
  • March 9: Date Night for Couples: Weight for It! It’s Healthy! with Devon Drag
  • December 15: Down to Earth Vegan Holiday with Stephanie Bosch
  • January 22: Vegan Breakfast – The Yolks on Us with Jerremy Kirby, of Small Batch
  • January 26: Light. Lean. Green. with Susan Caciano
  • January 28: Plan(t)s for the New Year with Caryn Dugan
  • February 16: Vegans Love It and Leaf It with Stephanie Bosch
  • February 21: Tofu’d with Caryn Dugan
  • March 9: From Soup to Nuts, It’s Vegan! with Susan Caciano
  • March 19: Sushi Faux Vegans with Jerremy Kirby, of Small Batch
  • January 9: Go on Green with Jack MacMurray, of Boathouse
  • January 12: Vegetarians Always Chop Around! with Marianne Moore
  • March 22: Girls’ Night Out: The Beet Goes On with Margi Kahn
Exciting Duos!
  • December 18: ’Tis the Season to Be of Good Beer with Marianne Moore and Gene Baldi (Public House Brewing Company)
  • January 8: Don’t Lager Behind! Let’s Make Pizza with Andrew Fair and Nate Brinson, of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
  • January 11: Fired Up For Fondue and Brandy with Robin Wheeler and Lynn DeLean-Weber (Edelbrand Pure Distilling)
  • January 12: High Steaks with Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett, of Annie Gunn’s
  • January 19: Fork and Cork: Spain with Mickey Kitterman and Jason Main (The Wine Merchant)
New and exciting classes for children, ages 7 to 11, and Heir and a Parent classes! 
Kids Only (The Apprentice Chef):
  • Gingerbread House classes are available on December 1, December 2, December 8, December 9, and December 15
  • Midnight Snacks on December 27
Parent and Child Classes (Heir and a Parent):
  • Like a Kid in a Candy Store on November 4
  • Crank Out the Pasta on November 10
  • The Great Pumpkin Pie on November 20
  • What’s Your Candy Crush? on January 5
  • Home Sweet Home on January 19
  • Love is in the Heir on February 9
  • Like a Kid in a Candy Store on March 2
  • Chip, Chip Hooray for Tacos and Nachos on March 31
See you in the kitchen!