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Register now for our exciting fall cooking classes! We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen! We are always adding classes to create the best possible experience for you!
Big welcome and welcome back!
  • Nick Bognar, of Nippon Tei, is showcasing his expertise with salmon and snapper on September 17
  • Ryan McDonald and Corey Smale, of Good Fortune, are sharing their modern American take on class Chinese dishes on October 15
  • Wil Pelly, of Nudo House, is teaching a fun hands-on class with exciting Asian dishes on December 4.
  • Cassy Vires, of Winslow’s Home, is teaching both hands-on and demonstration classes with some of her favorite ingredients, including Break an Egg on September 8, and Shortcut to Shortcrust on October 10.
Mornings with Margi
We started this monthly Tuesday morning series, Mornings with Margi, in January with the extraordinary Margi Kahn, and everyone loves it!
  • August 21: Gazpacho to Galette
  • September 25: Shrimp to Shortbread
  • October 30: Basil to Berries
  • November 27: Red Peppers to Rugelach
  • December 18: Scallops to Soufflé
Bringing Art into our Kitchen!
We are excited to have the talented artist Kate Rademeyer, of Love Letter Paper Co., teaching hand lettering classes in our kitchen! Kate has a Masters in Art Education and has taught high school and elementary art, and now runs a full-time business with her custom stationary business. We discovered Kate when she recently took a macarons class at Kitchen Conservatory and took her macarons home and painted gorgeous flowers on them with food coloring! Even though these classes with Kate are not cooking classes, she is including some exciting food inspired projects!
  • September 12: Hand Lettering for Beginners (includes a Micron pen, practice sheets and a project to take home)
  • September 19: Hand Lettering on the Chalkboard (includes a chalkboard and easel, chalk pencil, chalk marker, and templates to take home)
Best of Junior League
Barb Nack has been collecting the well-loved cookbooks of Junior Leagues from around the country for this popular series of demonstration classes!
  • September 11: Denver
  • October 9: Memphis
Date Night Dine and Dance
The Dine and Dance series has been one of our most popular date night classes, with four different dances and cuisines offered! Each class starts with a one-hour dance lesson with a dance pro, then finish with a hands-on cooking class to finish the evening with a fabulous meal.
  • August 25: Last Tango in Paris
  • September 29: Big Band Swing
  • October 27: Sizzle and Samba
  • November 17: Salsa Salsa
  • December 15: Last Tango in Paris
In a Garden of Cookbooks (Barefoot Contessa)
Everyone loves the approachable dishes created by Ina Garten, and Barb Nack shares her favorites from the large selection of Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.
  • August 29: How Easy Is That?
  • September 20: Back to Basics
  • October 24: Cooking for Jeffery
  • November 28: Make It Ahead
  • December 20: Foolproof
We cannot get enough Macarons!
Barry Marcus teaches our popular macaron classes that always sell out, so we are making it easy for you to find classes with openings!
  • September 29: Flawless French Macarons – Ganache Edition
  • October 28:  Flawless French Macarons
  • November 17:  Flawless French Macarons – Ganache Edition
  • December 8:  Flawless French Macarons
Make Plans for a Night Out with the Girls!
Get on the phone, send a few texts, and choose from any of our exciting Girls’ Night Out classes for a relaxing evening enjoying time with your girlfriends!
  • August 18: Thai It, You’ll Like It with Naam Pruitt
  • August 25: Peace. Love. Bourbon. with Robin Wheeler
  • September 7: Noshes and Nibbles with Barb Nack
  • September 15: Save Room for Sheet Cake with Marianne Moore
  • September 21: Lady Marmalade with Robin Wheeler
  • September 29: Just Josh-ing with Josh Galliano
  • October 6: Might as Well-ington! with Dawn Meyer
  • October 12: All That Jazz with Anne Cori
  • October 20: Vires has Southern Vibes with Cassy Vires
  • October 27: Looking Gourd-geous! with Marianne Moore
  • November 2: Oh My Cod! with Robin Wheeler
  • November 10: Totally Dim Sum with Naam Pruitt
  • November 30: Ginger and Spice with Marianne Moore
  • December 1: Pop. Bubble. Clink. with Cassy Vires
  • December 8: Jingle Belles with Barb Nack
  • December 15: The Big Tang Theory with Robin Wheeler
My First Thanksgiving
Whether it is your first Thanksgiving, or you just need to brush up on your turkey skills, this is a great class!
  • November 2
  • November 6
Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Whole 30, Yoga
  • September 4: The Vegan Cheese Whiz with Jerremy Kirby, of Small Batch
  • September 15: Bowl-ed Over with Vegan with Susan Caciano
  • October 6: The Nuts and Bolts of Vegan Condiments with Susan Caciano
  • November 13: Holiday Appetizers with Two Inspiring Vegans with Caryn Dugan and Marianne Moore
  • November 19: Meating in the Vegan Kitchen with Jerremy Kirby, of Small Batch
  • August 29: I Beg Your Garden, Did You Say Vegetarian? with Margi Kahn
  • September 12: Meatless in St. Louis with Marianne Moore
  • November 1: Eat Your Vegetables! with Margi Kahn
  • September 13: Paleo is a No-Grainer with Margi Kahn
  • November 13: Paleo: Ditch the Dairy! with Margi Kahn
Whole 30:
  • September 5: Whole 30 Healthy Eating with Devon Drag
  • November 7: Whole 30 Healthy Fall Flavors with Devon Drag
  • November 11: Sunday Funday: Yoga Brunch with Devon Drag
New and exciting classes for children, ages 7 to 11, and Heir and a Parent classes! 
Kids Only (The Apprentice Chef, ages 7 to 11):
  • The Master Food Builders of Lego on September 15
  • A Transylvania Monster Party on October 27
  • Gingerbread House classes are available on December 1, December 2, December 8, December 9, and December 15
  • Midnight Snacks on December 27
Parent and Child Classes (Heir and a Parent):
  • Wizards in the Kitchen on September 22, October 14, or November 24
  • What’s Your Candy Crush? on September 29
  • Calling All Princesses on October 7
  • Nerdy Yummies on October 13
  • Like a Kid in a Candy Store on November 4
  • Crank Out the Pasta on November 10
  • Chip, Chip Hooray for Tacos and Nachos on November 17
  • The Great Pumpkin Pie on November 20
Gingerbread and Halloween Houses!
Gingerbread House for Adults
  • December 1
  • December 9
Spooky Halloween House (open to all ages, from 7 to 100)
  • October 19
And, who doesn’t love a funny punny title?!
  • Date Night for Couples: Bite Sighs on October 7 with Marianne Moore
  • Go Pig or Go Home On October 24 with Jack MacMurray, of Boathouse
  • Date Night for Couples: Take Me to your Lederhosen on October 28 with Robin Wheeler
  • Date Night for Couples: Tacos Will Never Break your Heart on November 2 with Dawn Meyer and Larry Meyers
  • Slow Down, You Cook Too Fast on November 15 with Kirk Warner
See you in the kitchen!