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Our NEW summer cooking class schedule is now posted on our website with hundreds of exciting new classes and many of your favorites! We look forward to seeing you in the kitchen! We are always adding classes to create the best possible experience for you!

Welcome and welcome back!
  • Marianne Moore has an exciting array of hands-on and demonstration classes on our summer schedule!
  • Katina Mims, of Sweet Fixx, is teaching an exciting cupcake class on June 5
  • Jessie Gilroy, of Pangea, is teaching a pasta class on June 19
  • Mathis Stitt, of Veritas Gateway to Food & Wine, is teaching a seafood class on July 16
  • Yael Alevy is teaching a Spanish girls’ night out class on July 20.
  • Stephanie Pilon is teaching a baking class for those with allergies on July 28
  • Annie Lehrer is teaching a Lebanese class on July 29
  • Bill Cawthon, of Frankly on Cherokee and Frankly Sausages, is teaching a sausage class on August 6
Demonstration classes!
Barb Nack has started two great series including In a Garden of Cookbooks, and Best of Junior League.
In a Garden of Cookbooks with recipes from Barefoot Contessa cookbooks:
  • May 30: Barefoot in Paris
  • June 18: Barefoot at Home
  • July 25: Back to Basics
  • August 29: How Easy Is That?
Best of Junior League
  • July 2: Plano
  • August 9: Pasadena
  • September 11: Denver
Margi Kahn is teaching a popular new series on Tuesday mornings!
Mornings with Margi!
  • June 26: Beets to Berries
  • July 31: Brioche to Babka
  • August 21: Gazpacho to Galette
Favorite ingredients!
Everyone at Kitchen Conservatory loves Montmerency tart cherries and local hardneck garlic.
Don’t miss these classes:
  • July 3: There is No Such Thing as Too Much Garlic with Anne Cori
  • August 1 or 2: Eat, Drink, and Be Cherry with Anne Cori
Exciting duos!
  • June 9: Fork and Cork: Rhone with Mickey Kitterman and Jason Main, of The Wine Merchant
  • July 21: Brandy, You’re a Fine Swirl with Robin Wheeler of Subterranean Homemade Food and Lynn Delean-Weber of Edelbrand Pure Distilling
  • July 26: Coffee, Cocktails, and a Lot of Tenderness with Frank McGinty and Louis Nahlik, of Kaldi’s
  • August 5: Filipino with the Pellegrinos with Britt and Kevin Pellegrino
  • August 21: Don’t Lager Behind! Let’s Make Pizza! with Andrew Fair and Nate Brinson, of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
To Your Health!
  • Plant-Based Cooking from Root to Stem with Caryn Dugan on May 24
  • Eating Green with Two Inspiring Vegans with Caryn Dugan and Marianne Green on June 7
  • It’s a Wrap Vegan-Style with Susan Caciano on June 16
  • Vegan Desserts – The Pretenders with Jerremy Kirby on July 17
  • Take a Bite Out of Summer with Caryn Dugan on August 23
  • Bowl-ed Over with Vegan with Susan Caciano on September 15
  • Date Night for Couples: Harvest Grilling for Vegetarians with Margi Kahn on July 6
  • Meatless in St. Louis with Marianne Moore on July 12
  • I Beg Your Garden, Did You Say Vegetarian? with Margi Kahn on August 29
Whole 30:
  • Spice It Up with Whole 30 Healthy Eating with Devon Drag on May 5
  • Whole 30 Healthy Eating with Devon Drag on August 1
  • Paleo Grilling with Margi Kahn on June 28
  • Paleo is a No-Grainer with Margi Kahn on September 13
  • From Scratch Baked Goods (Without the Scratch) with Stephanie Pilon on July 28
New and exciting classes for children, ages 7 to 11, and Heir and a Parent classes!
This is our best ever offering of classes for our young chefs!
Kids Only (The Apprentice Chef):
  • Culinary Bootcamp on June 5, 6, 7
  • Are You Kidding Me? Let’s Make Breakfast on July 17
  • Are You Kidding Me? Let’s Make Lunch on July 18
  • Are You Kidding Me? Let’s Make Dinner on July 19
  • Baking Bootcamp on August 7, 8, 9
  • Backpack Snack Attack on August 11
  • The Master Food Builders of Lego on September 15
Parent and Child Classes (Heir and a Parent):
  • Calling All Princesses on May 6
  • Wizards in the Kitchen on May 19 and August 25
  • Candy Sushi on May 26
  • Chip, Chip Hooray for Tacos and Nachos on June 3
  • The Apple of My Pie on June 9
  • When Kids Rule the World on June 20
  • Nerdy Yummies on July 7
  • The Apple of My Pie on July 8
  • Put This in Your Picnic Basket on July 8
  • Like a Kid in a Candy Store on July 28
  • Crank Out the Pasta on August 18
  • What’s Your Candy Crush? on September 29
And, finally, what are your favorite class titles? Some of the ones that made us chuckle:
  • Naan-Addictive on May 16 with Adam Lambay
  • The Moore the Merrier on May 20 with Marianne Moore
  • Whack the Knife! on June 10 with Anne Cori
  • Red, White, and Blue My Mind on June 27 with Jack MacMurray
  • Que Tips on July 5 with Mickey Kitterman
  • Jane Dough, Pie Baker on July 9 with Jane Callahan
  • All Rise! on July 18 or July 19 with Margi Kahn
  • Barry’d Treasures from France on July 21 with Barry Marcus
  • Vitamix – Who Runs the Whirled? on August 26 with Barb Nack