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On any day of any week, the team and teachers at Kitchen Conservatory are excited for the classes that will be held in our two teaching kitchens, but four times a year the enthusiasm grows as we release our new quarterly newsletter, What’s Stirring. Our summer classes are now available on our website, and the printed newsletter will be mailed out this week.

  • Take one of our four Dine and Dance classes for couples, starting with a one-hour dance lesson with professional dancers Lauren Wilmore or Tal Stein, then cook a fabulous meal with your partner in the kitchen. Our four dine and dance classes are:
    • Salsa Salsa on May 13 or September 16
    • Big Band Swing on June 17 or October 21
    • Sizzle and Samba on July 22 or November 18
    • Last Tango in Paris on August 19 or December 9
  • The Chef and Fishmonger demonstration class challenges the chef to do what they love most – create sumptuous dishes without a menu or recipe, based on the market basket of fresh fish from Bob’s Seafood.
    • Ivy Magruder, of Panorama, on May 15
    • Ben Grupe, of Elaia and Olio, on August 22
  • These pie classes will satisfy your sweet tooth:
    • Pretty Pie Maintenance on May 23
    • Heir and a Parent: The Apple of My Pie on June 17
    • Fill Up with Pie on June 26
    • Pie-Eating Grins and Cocktails on June 30
  • A few of our demonstration classes that our fans have been wanting!
    • The Secrets of Pasta with an Italian Chef with Giannicola Colucci, of Cielo at Four Seasons, on June 14
    • Ottolenghi-Style: Jerusalem with Mickey Kitterman on June 15
    • Every Bite is Calorie-Worthy with Tyler Davis, of Element and Purveyors Table, on July 10
    • A Private A-Fare with Pete Fagan, of Tony’s, on July 17
    • “Meat” the Boys in the Backroom with Alex Cupp and Ben Grupe on July 24
    • Swine and Wine: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart with Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett, of Annie Gunn’s, on August 5
  • Looking for a gluten-free class?
    • The Gluten-Free Bakeover on May 24
    • Paleo and Gluten-Free Summer Cooking on June 29
    • Delicious Desserts without the Gluten on July 6
    • A Plan for Paleo on September 7
    • Beyond Wheatless Wonder Breads on October 8
    • A Gluten-Free Celebration of Desserts on November 18
  • Strictly vegan:
    • Take a Bite Out of Summer with Caryn Dugan on June 24
    • Everyday Vegan Essentials with Susan Caciano on July 8
    • In the Kitchen with Caryn – From Pho to Falafel with Caryn Dugan on July 22
    • Vegans Are on the Chopping Block with Margi Kahn on August 3
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Vegan Condiments with Susan Caciano on September 16
  • Put the kids in our kitchen this summer! We offer classes for children only (ages 7 to 11), and classes for a parent and child (Heir and a Parent):
    • Kids only!
      • Culinary Bootcamp – a 3-day class on June 6, 7, and 8
      • I Can Cook… Bootcamp – a 3-day class on July 11, 12, and 13
      • Baking Bootcamp – a 3-day class on August 1, 2, and 3
      • I Can Cook… Pasta on August 19
      • The Master Food Builders of Lego on August 26
    • Parent and Child classes:
      • The Apple of My Pie on June 17
      • Like a Kid in a Candy Store on June 24 or September 9
      • Wizards in the Kitchen on July 16 or September 23
      • Put This in Your Picnic Basket on July 22
  • Decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies:
    • The Art of Decorating Cupcakes on June 19 or August 7
    • Summer Cookie Cutter Couture on June 27
    • Let’s Be Frank about Pretty Cake Decorating on June 28 or September 6
  • Weeknight cooking at home! Need to have dinner on the table in a hurry?
    • Get Out of the Box with a Meal Planner with Barb Nack on July 23
    • Laissez-“Fare” with Crystal Stevens on July 29
    • Life is Complicated, Dinner is Easy with Josh Charles on August 13
  • Take a canning class!
    • If I’m Not in a Jam, I’m in a Pickle with Josh Galliano on June 10
    • Naturally Sweet Canning with Devon Drag on August 23
    • Can You do the Can-Can? with Robin Wheeler on August 27
  • Give a big warm welcome to these teachers:
    • Christine Cradock Allhoff is teaching three demonstration classes
      • Slow and Steady Wins the Braise on June 6
      • Fresh Fare Will Do You Good on August 8
      • Ah-Chew! Gesundheit! on September 19
    • George and Jessica Chronis, of Olea Estates, are teaching The Family Tree of Olives on June 12.
    • Tyler Davis, of Element and Purveyors Table is teaching Every Bite is Calorie-Worthy on July 10
    • Jane Campbell is teaching A Brine in Time Makes Pickles on July 13
    • Emily Lamb and Mallory Newbern, of The Tipsy Goat, are teaching The Tipsy Goat Macarons on August 15
  • We are often asked for recommendations for the right class for the student who wants to learn how to cook a meal or learn some cooking techniques, including newlyweds, retired adults that haven’t learned how to cook or want a refresher, or even high school or college students. Here are a few suggestions!
    • Prep School with Barb Nack includes knife skills and creating a soup, stir-fry, and pasta dish, on May 22 or August 6
    • The Highs and Lowes of Grilling with Jon Lowe on May 28
    • Fish Tales with Jack MacMurray on May 31
    • Grilling University – Beef 101 with Barb Nack on June 15
    • Thigh-High in Chicken with Jon Lowe on June 25
    • Perfectly Sauced with Mickey Kitterman on June 27
    • Fire-Works for Grilling with Jon Lowe on July 2
    • We the Pizza with Margi Kahn on July 7
    • Mind Your B’s and Q’s with Anne Cori on July 12
    • Grilling University – Chicken and Vegetables 101 with Barb Nack on July 13
    • When I’m Not a Crab, I’m a Sole Man with Jon Lowe on July 16
    • Stir-Fry Me to the Moon with Naam Pruitt on July 18
    • The Basics of Cooking with Barb Nack is a 4-part class on July 19, 26, August 2, and August 9
    • Game Day with Josh Charles on July 23
    • Chicken-Centric with Anne Cori on August 8
    • Taco the Town with Mickey Kitterman on August 12
With over 850 cooking classes each year, we want to have the right class for each and every student that wants to learn more about cooking, or simply have fun with the experience!