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People who love to cook love to get new tools for the kitchen. These tools can be stuffed into lots of stockings:

Vegetable Spiralizer. Make carrots, cucumber, zucchini, potatoes, beets, and other vegetables into long spaghetti strands. The vegetable spaghetti is fun to make and fun to eat. We have a small spiral cutter that looks like a giant pencil sharpener or a table-top spiral cutter which suctions to the counter top for making lots of vegetables.

Mezzaluna Knife. This half-moon-shaped knife is a safe and easy way to make lots of chopped salad. The single-blade knife is actually easier and safer to use and clean than the double-bladed mezzaluna.

Recipe Rock. Don’t mess up your recipes in the kitchen, but hold the pages upright with this ingenious magnet, available in lots of colors.

Blue-Handled Fruit Tools. The pear corer and pitting spoon have sharp edges that are amazingly useful in the kitchen. The pear corer pares pears, but also scoops seeds out of chile peppers and cucumbers, plus it hulls strawberries and tomatoes. The pitting spoon pits stone fruits, but also removes the seeds from winter squash and scoops citrus cups.

Lemon Press. A new-and-improved lemon/lime press — the opti-squeeze — requires only half the force to squeeze the fresh lemon half.

A New Jar of Salt. Bacon salt and sriracha-lime salt are new and irresistible flavor additions. Use these salts to trim a bloody Mary or margarita drink — or just to finish any dish.

Bluetooth Probe Thermometer. Cooks needs thermometers and probe thermometers remove any guesswork. Now the probe thermometer is available with a bluetooth connection so the cook is not tied to the kitchen while the meat cooks.

Still can’t decide on a gift. Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be ordered and printed from your home computer — even on December 25.

Orders can be placed online (www.kitchenconservatory.com) or by telephone (866-862-2433) or shop in our store for complimentary gift wrapping and fresh samples of our favorite foods.