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To celebrate the Thirtieth Anniversary of Kitchen Conservatory, we named the Top Thirty Chefs who teach at Kitchen Conservatory. These wonderful chefs share their time and talent to cook extraordinary food in our kitchens. Two hundred cooking classes are available on our Fall Cooking Class Schedule; register now for these memorable events.

Experience our Top Chefs in their upcoming classes this fall:

Josh Allen, chef-owner of Companion Baking, demystifies how to bake a great loaf of crusty bread on September 4.

Jean-Pierre Auge creates the best French cassoulet on September 13.

Bob Colosimo, chef of Eleven Eleven Mississippi, offers a Tuscan table on September 10.

Anne Cori explains the mysteries of homemade pie and crust on September 2.

Helen Fletcher, pastry chef of Tony’s, makes the best European butter cookies on November 13.

Josh Galliano, chef of The Libertine, safely cans and pickles fresh produce on August 23.

Kelly Gardner, food blogger, shows that life is a “cabernet” on September 21.

Margi Kahn has irresistible pizza on the grill on September 19.

Mickey Kitterman, chef of Gallagher’s, leads an autumnal vineyard dinner on September 9.

Jon Lowe stuffs a bunch of homemade ravioli on October 12.

Christopher Lee makes lots of pots of soup on October 28.

Jack MacMurray does his favorite Cajun cuisine on October 15.

Christie Maggi cooks the best of Italy: risotto, polenta, and gnocchi on September 3.

Barry Marcus creates perfect French macarons on December 13.

Frank McGinty, chef of Kaldi’s Coffee, leads a fun Girls’ Night Out on October 24.

Dawn Meyer delves in tacos, fillings, and salsas on October 5.

David Molina, chef of Sugarfire, teaches how to throw a paella party on November 16.

Barb Nack, the director of our cooking school, makes her favorite chocolate desserts on October 4.

Bernard Pilon, chef of Norwood Hills Country Club, cooks beef tenderloin in a myriad of ways on October 4.

Naam Pruitt, cookbook author, cooks up a tasty Thai meal on September 18.

Lou Rook, of Annie Gunn’s explains fish and seafood on November 1.

Maria Sakellariou utilizes fresh figs in Greek cuisine on September 26.

Cassy Vires, chef-owner of Home Wine Kitchen, creates dishes with bourbon and bacon and brown sugar on October 7.

Kirk Warner explores the tapas of the Basque region of Spain on October 7.

What a lineup! Register Now.