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The Summer Newsletter features so many delicious cooking classes; which one to take? Here are some recommendations:

“Light Up the Night” with Frank McGinty grilling on June 12, who wowed us in his last class with his cauliflower “couscous”.

“Girls’ Night Out: Bring Your Dad to Class” on June 13 celebrates Father’s Day by letting Dads come to class. What fun!

“The Dim Sum Cart” features wonderful and authentic Chinese food with Kirk Warner on June 16.

“Greek Culture: Homemade Yogurt” with Maria Sakellariou on June 27 will forever change your view of yogurt.

“Contemporary Urban Grill” on July 2 with Mickey Kitterman will be one of our most delicious summer grilling classes.

“Queue Up for Barbecue” on July 5 features another of our favorite chefs, Bernard Pilon, out of the kitchen and at the grill.

“Blurred Lines” introduces new teachers, Karmen Rayburn and Jordan Knight, and their new restaurant, The Blue Duck, cooking creative new foods on July 9.

“The Good Taste of Culture and Fermentation” on July 17 with photographer and amateur cook Greg Rannells will be an extraordinary class on how to develop more flavorful foods by fermentation.

“Shells and Whistles” with Michael Craig of The Crossing on July 21 has a dazzling dinner of scallops and fish.

“Sea You at Dinner” on July 28 introduces chef Brandon Benack from New Orleans and now at Truffles with a creole menu.

“Dracula, Beware!” on July 31 features our homegrown hardneck garlic — we expect a bumper crop!

“Hello, Dal-I” on August 9 — if only because the title is so funny. Aruna Menon cooks an Indian menu with dal (lentils).

“Modernist Cuisine” on August 14, because our kitchen keeps on the cutting edge of food trends.

“Taste of The Tavern” on August 18 showcases a favorite restaurant and their first visit to our kitchen.

“If I’m Not in a Jam, I’m in a Pickle” with canning expert and blue-ribbon winner Josh Galliano of The Libertine on August 23.

Don’t miss a bite of our sensational cooking classes! View the full schedule here. There is a cooking class for every tastebud.