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Please welcome these chefs for some exciting new cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory. St. Louis is awash in fresh culinary talent:

  • Vincent Marsden of Vincent van Doughnut on March 25 for “On the Go with Vincent Van Doughnut”
  • Adam Althnether from Pastaria on April 1 for “The Sauces of Pastaria”
  • Wilfrin Fernandez-Cruz of Winslow’s Home on April 2 for “A Morel Victory”
  • John Perkins of Juniper on April 8 for “Willing to Biscuit All”
  • Lauren Loomis of Lulu’s Local Eatery on April 13 for “Lulu’s Mexican Vegan-omics”
  • Reine Bayoc of SweetArt Bakeshop on May 12 for “The Sweet Art of Vegan Baking”

Also, please welcome back these chefs for a return to teaching:

  • Phatcharin Wanna and Saengwan Paisley of Fork and Stix on March 31 for “Fork and Stix – Thai It!”
  • Ben Edison of DeMun Oyster Bar on March 31 for “Going to Pot Pies”
  • Mathew Unger of Mathew’s Kitchen on April 7 for “Cast Iron Heavy Weights”
  • Cassandra Vires of Home Wine Kitchen on April 22 for “Let’s Meat for Dinner”
  • Anthony Devoti of Five Bistro on June 11 for “Farm to Kitchen”
  • Cookbook author Laura Russell on June 17 for “Bright and Bold Brassicas”

Our favorite title: “India – Chile Chile Tang Tang” on May 10

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