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1. The Stainless Steel Fish Spatula made by All-Clad is called a fish spatula for its original use, but I use a fish spatula for everything: cookies, stir-fries, cakes, lasagne, because the spatula is thin and very flexible with a sharp edge. It is the best spatula available and the new stainless composition makes it dishwasher safe.

2. Stovetop Smoker made by Cameron. This little box can produce perfectly smoked meats, fish, and vegetables in a jiffy. It is so easy to use and you can smoke foods while staying warm in the house.

3. Ceramic Bread-Baking Cloche made by Emile Henry. Like crusty bread? This beautiful baker with a lid produces a gorgeous loaf of crusty bread. The cloche creates a steamy oven in your oven!

4. Silicone Pastry Mat for kneading and rolling out dough is a smarter way to deal with dough. The counter stays clean and the mat is flexible for peeling off the cookies or pie dough. The pastry mat is an easier way to deal with wetter doughs (such as the dough used in the Cloche).

5. Electric Pizzelle Maker may seem like a specialized tool, but once you taste these deliciously crispy Italian Christmas cookies, you will want the cooker to make them in! Pizzelles are perfect for homemade ice cream cones.

6. Lodge Carbon Steel 15-inch Paella Pan is heavy-duty and durable. Most paella pans are flimsy and burn the rice on the bottom of the pan. This carbon steel pan is the best choice for a sensational Spanish paella — the perfect party food!

7. Set of 12 Round Cutters from 1 inch to 4 1/2 inch sizes is one of the most useful pieces of kitchen equipment for either the cook or baker. Yes, I have a set, but I’ve lost my favorite size cutter.

8. Stainless Steel Ricer. I’ve always preferred the creamy and light potatoes that a ricer produces. Now we have a new and improved ricer made with stainless steel (dishwasher safe!) that features a larger hopper.

9. Black Classic Meat Cleaver made by Wusthof-Trident Cutlery. Nobody thinks they need a meat cleaver, but once you own one, you can’t imagine how you cooked without this incredibly heavy and important knife. Cutting up chickens are such a breeze with a cleaver!

10. Kuhn Rikon Vegetable Peeler. Every cook needs another peeler. Get a bunch of bright colors so you can find them in your kitchen drawer!