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Do chefs have secrets to their cooking? Yes! Can you learn these secrets? Yes! Secrets of the chefs are revealed every night at Kitchen Conservatory. You can learn how to make delicious restaurant-style food at home.

This schedule of cooking classes offers a lot of cooking techniques. Don’t miss learning these essential kitchen secrets:

Grilling medium-rare strip steak on June 16 in “Que’s Your Daddy”

Cooking tender filet of beef topped with fresh béarnaise sauce on September 7 in “Sense and Saucibility”

The best burgers (freshly grinding the meat!) on July 14 in “Burger Throw Down” or August 24 in “Until We Meat Again”

Low-and-slow smoking of beef brisket on July 28 in “Meat Me at the Smoker”

Cooking whole lobster on August 27 in “Citrus and Seafood”

Grilling a whole fish on June 2 in “Thrill of the Grill” or September 10 in “School of Whole Fish”

Homemade ravioli on June 18 in “Cutting Edge of Ravioli”

Chopped salads and dressings on July 31 in “It’s a Wonderful Knife” (the right kind of knife is the secret!)

Making, keeping, and using natural bread starters on July 17 in “Sourdough Bread”

Flaky pie crusts on June 17 in “Pie Maintenance”

Creamy cheesecakes on July 22 in “Let Them Eat Cheesecake”

Some cooking techniques can’t be described in a recipe or cookbook; you have to see it live to learn the secret! I hope to see you in the kitchen this summer.

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