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What a fabulous roster of upcoming cooking classes! Please welcome this incredible new talent to our kitchens:

  • Danielle Bush of Annie Gunn’s making custard desserts on May 21
  • Michael Craig of The Crossing making sausage on April 23
  • Chelsea DeShetler of Truffles making chocolate on April 1
  • Grace Dinsmoor of Nico making gnocchi on March 11
  • Pete Fagan of Tony’s making risotto on April 29
  • Brian Moxey of Pastaria making homemade pasta on June 17
  • Rebecca Osborne of Local Harvest making vegan Greek food on May 16

And the classes just sound so irresistible! How about:

  • “Twist and Trout” on April 13
  • “Papaya of the Caribbean” on April 20
  • “Another One Bites the Crust” on April 22
  • “Carne Knowledge” on May 4
  • “Is Flounder Just a Fluke?” on May 14
  • “Good, Feta, Best” on May 17
  • “Loafstyles of the Rich and Famous” on May 22
  • “Dressed to Grill” on June 15
  • “Sizzling Rivalry” on June 19

I am so excited for “Chopped” on May 13, which is a competition between Christopher Lee and Vito Racanelli — two longtime friends who are highly competitive in the kitchen. Be one of the judges for this memorable extravaganza!

Plus, Mickey Kitterman will explore one of my favorite tastes: Mexican moles in “Wholly Mole” on June 25. I will be there!

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