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Pepper vodka-cured grilled sea bass with cumin-lime-cilantro gremolata, which Brad Hartman is teaching on June 15.

Lobster-parmesan fondue nachos with jalapeno-spiked sour cream sauce, which chef Jon Lowe of Oceano is teaching on June 28.

Crispy Indian rice-lentil crepes with homemade chutney, which Aruna Menon is teaching on June 20.

Wild fresh chanterelle mushroom with crab-corn chowder, which chef Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi is teaching on July 10.

Salmon-wrapped tea-smoked scallops with vermicelli noodle spring rolls on coconut red curry sauce, which chef Derek Craig of Jimmy’s on the Park is teaching on July 19.

Cold-smoked beef tenderloin with crispy capers on coffee-truffle vinaigrette and brioche, which chef Frank McGinty of Kaldi’s Coffee on August 2.

Fresh sweet corn ice cream with Michigan blueberries, which chef Kirk Warner is teaching on August 23.

Caramelized peach tarte Tatin with peach-champagne sorbet, which Christie Maggi is teaching on August 27.

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