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Duck fat biscuits, which Wes Johnson (chef-owner of Salt) is teaching on January 10.

Pizza with fig jam, prosciutto, and blue cheese, which Christie Maggi is teaching on January 14.

Tuna confit salad with white beans, which Cassy Vires (chef-owner of Home Wine Kitchen) is teaching on January 18.

Pave d’amour (a cake with two different buttercream frostings plus chocolate ganache), which Helen Fletcher (pastry chef of Tony’s) is teaching on January 19.

Pan-seared halibut with green coconut curry sauce on jasmine rice cakes, which Christopher Lee (chef of Sanctuaria) is teaching on February 8.

Pear-red onion crostini with homemade yogurt, which Maria Sakellariou is teaching on February 11.

Foie gras flan, which Bernard Pilon (chef of Norwood Hills Country Club) is teaching on February 18.

Lace sandwich cookies with orange buttercream, which Margi Kahn is teaching on February 26.

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