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Two new cooking classes are now available at Kitchen Conservatory in October:

“My Favorite Pies” on Sunday, October 9 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm focuses on learning how to make the flakiest and best pie crust with the most popular fillings: apple, cherry, lemon meringue, and maple custard. The secrets to perfect pie dough that is both flaky and tender are revealed in this hands-on class. Plus, the class will bake a scrumptious cranberry-walnut tart in a French buttery tart shell.

“My Favorite Homemade Pastas” on Sunday, October 16 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm features homemade pasta dough that will be shaped into ravioli, linguine, and vermicelli noodles. The pastas will be flavored with our all-time favorite filling — butternut-squash-roasted garlic — plus fresh clam sauce and the surprisingly delicious roasted cauliflower-pancetta sauce. The class will also get to make homemade potato gnocchi with a traditional beef-and-pork ragu.

Both classes are led by Anne Cori, who loves to make and eat dough. Pastry and pasta doughs are essential components of a memorable meal! Gain confidence in from-scratch baking and master these delicious doughs.

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